After maiki wrote about Lullatone, I got Songs that Spin in Circles because I am trying to relax. I like it. =) I’ll probably get Looping Lullabies next. I like the pure instrumentals more than the ones with vocals, even if they are background-level. I particularly like “Tops on a Table”, because it’s got this… Continue reading Lullatone

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ell oh ell do you know any asian-american comic writers? if you like comics, join the facebook group too. even if you’re not asian-american. i might skip guster again for imogen heap. hey, kid beyond’s opening for her all through her us tour. that’s pretty cool. and the warfield i can bart to. poor guster.… Continue reading Untitled

This isn’t about WoW

So I’m tagging my recent entries, and I realized that all of them are about WoW. Should I be frightened? I’m singing with Spot the Octopus now. andeja, lemmingsolution, mbarrien, plish, flyingbear and misterroboto (plus livejournalless alan) are a fun bunch. rwclark is with us until he leaves for Iowa. G’s pet has shed a… Continue reading This isn’t about WoW

Awesome!Dwarf picture; Ben Folds in SF on August 23

Check out the gun on this dwarf: hahahahahaha!!! That page is for his FLAMING (literal) crown; the gun page is actually here. hahahaha!!! I laugh so hard!!! You all get to 60 NOW so we can take on Ragnaros and get these items of badass!!!! hahaha!!! The Ben Folds/Rufus Wainwright concert at the Saratoga… Continue reading Awesome!Dwarf picture; Ben Folds in SF on August 23


The end of the trailer for “Unleashed” (Jet Li) has the instrumental backings (no vocals) from Muse’s “Apocalypse Please.” I like Muse. I like pianos. I don’t know what to think about the new Jet Li movie. It’ll make good use of the “Jet Li looks so cute and unassuming but actually he has lethal powers”… Continue reading Untitled