This isn’t about WoW

So I’m tagging my recent entries, and I realized that all of them are about WoW. Should I be frightened?

I’m singing with Spot the Octopus now. andeja, lemmingsolution, mbarrien, plish, flyingbear and misterroboto (plus livejournalless alan) are a fun bunch. rwclark is with us until he leaves for Iowa. G’s pet has shed a shell. What are those things called again? I forget. It swims upside-down as often as it swims right-side-up (why not down-side-down? or upside-up? and why do I put a dash between down and side but not up and side?) and has many thing leg-like things (just like the Ohms in Nausicaa) and has evil, evil eyes. Its name is Daisycakes.

We sang Squirrel, Money, Sorry, and Breathe today. Lisa stuck by her original chord changes which nobody sang anymore as rehearsal devolved into watching Angela’s light-up fan reflect off of Ryan’s cheek.

POY POY! Somebody make some icons for that. Hey Alan should make a livejournal JUST so he can have Kool as his icon. It has to be animated, too. We went to watch him in an improv show. Now I am imagining Kool doing improv. Someone on the other side of the little theater shouted “Leeroy!” as a name choice… and as their leader guy was trying to begin the scene I said “AND HIS LAST NAME IS JENKINS!!!!” and I think the guy thought I was really weird and annoying so I didn’t shout anything after that. But Leeroy Jenkins ran into the revolving restaraunt with a huge two-handed sword and we were all very delighted. Well I guess I can only speak for myself. I tried explaining it afterward, but you really just have to watch the video yourself (my GOD, I can’t believe that website exists, I googled it just to find the place I viewed the video, which was

Today we showed Lisa a Mechanical Squirrel, Bokchoy’s horsie, a Lifelike Mechanical Toad, Savory Deviate Delight, and Noggenfogger Elixir. Lisa, you want to know all about pets? Bokchoy can tell you about pets. He is obsessed. If you’re an engineer, you can make and use stuff like Arcanite Mechanical Dragonling and Gnomish Battle Chicken (CHICKEN FURY!!!!!)… other than that there are little dragon pets, bunnies, cockroaches, kittens, parrots (I’ve GOT to get the hyacinth one… I’ve only ever seen one person with it!!!!), prarie dogs, owls, …. oh yeah, also, it’s this game, and you like, do quests and stuff. Yeah…

Ryan is arranging Chocolate by Snow Patrol. I like that song. You know how you can watch videos on the iTunes music store now? I watched a bunch of videos. Chocolate was one that made me like the song less, not more, though I actually don’t really like the song less. I only liked it less while I was watching the video. ? Another song whose video I feel similarly about is Scientist. Now, I love that song. It is so sad. But I didn’t expect the Coldplay guy to look like that. I expected him to A) be not so skinny and slouchy, B) have brown hair. Also I did not like the video. It’s not like I have extensive experience with music videos, either, so maybe I just don’t like the medium. I remember when I first heard about popular music that isn’t played on KOIT, I was at a friend’s house and they were watching CMC, with that fat annoying jockey who I never liked and who slurred all his words. He’s still on, I think. But anyway that always played right after school got out at 3pm, and I was at a friend’s house, and everyone was saying “Oh yeah this music video is sooo cool” and it was a girl group, I can’t remember which (allure?), and the video had people walking around and everyone once in a while everything on the screen would freeze and the singers would walk around among all the frozen stuff. So they had shots of people stepping in puddles and the water froze while splashing up… anyway I liked the visuals. Gimmicky, but I liked them. Ryan is listening to podcasts and I’m very bad at multitasking so it’s hard to type becuase I keep listening to it, I can’t hold a thought to spill out and anything else in my mind at the same time, which is why I’m so verbally (as in, talkingly) inarticulate, I can never get the words out of my mouth before they get garbled by interference from information coming from the outside world. I should close my eyes and ears whenever I try to talk.

This is how my thoughts blend together. Hopefully there’s a new version of semagic out that has tags implemented… aw, there isn’t. Sad


  1. Forget Stream of Consciousness, this is more like a River…

    …and still naught but a minor tributary to the River Jung?

    Congrats on getting into Spot: I heard it was tough!

  2. They are called Triops:

    TRI-OPS = 3 eyes!! 2 of ’em are compound, and there’s a really small singular eye that detects light so that they know which way is up.

    I think my triops’ eye is broke, cause it spends a lot of its time swimming upside down.

  3. Ok so… Leeroy Jenkins… is an annoying guy who yells his name and then runs into a battle, thereby ruining stuff for everyone… by being dumb? I don’t get it! I’ll stick to mechanical squirrels…

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