The end of the trailer for “Unleashed” (Jet Li) has the instrumental backings (no vocals) from Muse’s “Apocalypse Please.” I like Muse. I like pianos. I don’t know what to think about the new Jet Li movie. It’ll make good use of the “Jet Li looks so cute and unassuming but actually he has lethal powers” thing, like all Jet Li movies do I guess. The new iTunes music store lets you browse movie trailers and music videos. This, and spending all day yesterday reformatting my computer, explains my absence from WoW.


  1. Some people just slip on a banana peel…

    Jet Li’s basic character bible:
    I’m just a shy unassuming guy who doesn’t really want to fight anyone-
    whoops, I killed a hundred people with my pinky.
    Is that.. okay?

    1. Re: Some people just slip on a banana peel…

      My roommate has been watching old jet li movies. “Man,” he says, “Jet Li was so much cooler when he was younger.” I walked into his room to see what he was talking about and watched 10 straight minutes of Young Jet Li AWESOMENESS. Who needs characters when you can just watch a few straight hours of AWESOME? I mean I don’t actually know, but it seems like his character bible for US films is “I’m just a shy unassuming guy, BAM WHACK FLIP,” but his character bible for his old films is “AWESOME” ? Yeah I don’t know what I am talking about having never actually watched his older films straight through.

      1. Once Upon a Time in….

        That’s because apparently, in martial arts flicks, it’s okay to be a badass.

        I haven’t seen all his old movies all the way through, but the gist seems to be:
        You don’t have to be shy, unassuming, or modest. You can just say,
        “leave me alone, or I’ll kill all 300 of you. You won’t even scratch me. That’s right, I’m that good, you pathetic excuses for ninja.”
        You don’t even really have to say it either. You can just *glare* and people will flee the country (if they know what’s good for them).

        Asia’s been doing the martial arts thing in stories for so long that it’s no longer a surprise when the shy-guy reveals his powers of whoop-ass. They’ve passed through the other side, back into arrogance. Take Lone Wolf and Cub; you’re always aware that he’s capable of killing everyone in sight, he just has to show how stoic he is half the time too. He’s not unassuming at all.
        “Ogami Itto, I want you to kill that army.”
        “… Tell me all.”
        “They’re threatening our villagers.”
        “I accept. Keep everyone indoors.”

      2. Re: Some people just slip on a banana peel…

        so, we’re talking about, say, “once upon a time in china” (no idea what the chinese title is) and the like? awesome movies.

        “ong bak: the thai warrior”, though not having jet li, puts up a damn good fight for two hours of straight awesomness. basically just this guy kicking people’s asses non-stop, with a cool soundtrack. i guess there might be some plot, but only as an excuse to have a crazy-evil villain and a japanese guy whose feet move at like 3 times the speed you thought humanly possible.

  2. i saw the movie last night and i think it’s jet li’s best US movie so far. his acting has improved and it was definitely a good movie. 2 thumbs up from me.

    1. Yay! I’m going to watch it too at some point. That’s what everyone’s been saying–“Jet Li’s best American movie so far” hehe.

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