I know I repeat myself in here all the time, but I don’t know what I’ve written down because I forget things easily and I can’t search my own journal because I have “forbid spiders from search engines to look at your journal” checked in my livejournal options. Anyway, I think I’m an ENFP–extroverted intuitive feeling perceiving, which http://typelogic.com/enfp.html says Ariel from the Little Mermaid is, too. Again I feel like I might have said this before but I’m not sure. It was news to me (maybe again) just now. I was looking through old emails for a DARS report because I’m confused about which breadth requirements I’ve finished, and I found an email that andeja sent me on 6/4/2002 at 12:06am that just said http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp


  1. The test said I was INFJ. I normally come up as INFP or INTP, so this is a new one for me… (It said I was 1% on the J side and 12% on the F side, so I guess I’m split right down the center on those last 2. I guess that’s why I have the split personality thing depending on the situation…)

    This is the 2nd post of yours I’ve answered from work today. What exactly do I do here? Oh shit, a meeting!

  2. hey!! I’m an ENFP, too! So is Kate Williams from Unit 2/Newman. I love those kinds of personality tests! The ENFP/INTJ/INFP/etc. one is my favorite probably because it’s the first one I took way back in junior high or high school.

  3. hey Judy, this is not related to personality type, but I was looking for websited for something I was going to teach to 7th graders, and i saw this website: that shows you how various names, places, spells, etc. from Harry Potter have been translated into Chinese. Knowing that you are interested in these types of things, i thought, “I will tell Judy.” So I guess it is related to personality type. Hedwig the owl’s name means “virtuous sea vegetable.”

  4. I am INTJ… like Gandalf, apparently. I think I used to be ENTP but my “Desire to be with people” is pretty much pushed beyond limit now that I see 70 obnoxious people every day.

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