After maiki wrote about Lullatone, I got Songs that Spin in Circles because I am trying to relax. I like it. =) I’ll probably get Looping Lullabies next.

I like the pure instrumentals more than the ones with vocals, even if they are background-level. I particularly like “Tops on a Table”, because it’s got this punchy quality, like the mechanical sound that toy pianos make. I like the dropping mechanical sound.

ps. Spam count: 5 now!!

Edit 2:51pm: I just transferred the Lullatone album to my desktop, where there are speakers, and WOW, there’s bass. Especially on Merry-go-round… bass like a heartbeat. I like it even more now.

I need to come up with a way to sync my iTunes libraries between my PC and my Mac so that I can update my iPod via either of them. o.O

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