Exhaustive “Tiger Mother” Coverage

Amy Chua’s WSJ article made everyone hate her. The topic has exploded all over my Facebook and elsewhere, since I am also an ABC. Here is a list of retorts and comments from all over Teh Intarwebz.

Other relevant links:

On suicide:

  • China Daily, 2009, “Suicide rates high among Asian-Americans”, which actually opens with remarks about Christine Lu‘s sister
  • Yahoo news or something, 2008, “The High Suicide Rate of Asian Americans”
  • imdiversity, 2003, “Hiding the Pain: Suicides High Among Asian Immigrant Women”
  • Pacific Citizen, 2010, “The Growing Rate of Depression, Suicide Among Asian American Students” (from the Christine Lu Quora post)

I get insane and upset thinking about this whole thing, so I’ll leave it at this list for now.

Thank you everyone for discussing it with me. It’s good to get it out of my system. Even though I’m torturing myself, please, please talk to me about it more. It’ll only help.


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