12/1/12 Spot sang

Last week, Spot the Octopus opened for DeCadence on one of their semester concert days. It was fun! We sang four songs — Istanbul (as made popular by tmbg), Monster (an original by Angela), House by the Sea (iron & wine), and La Grippe (squirrel nut zippers). Here is a playlist: =)

Wikipedia SF Hackathon! BERLIN HO!!!

I went to the Wikipedia SF Hackathon this weekend at Parisoma! Neil and I coded a phone gateway for the English Wikipedia on Twilio. You send it a text with your search query (like “Barak Obama” or “Seattle”) and it calls you back in a few seconds and reads you the entire text of the… Continue reading Wikipedia SF Hackathon! BERLIN HO!!!

xmarks vs firefox sync (vs google sync?)

I have been using both xmarks and Firefox Sync to keep track of my Firefox bookmarks across different computers, but haphazardly. Last week I noticed my bookmarks weren’t synced. Do I need to choose between them? This blog post from June 2010 is about using both simultaneously. The post goes over how Firefox Sync encrypts… Continue reading xmarks vs firefox sync (vs google sync?)

Spot sings LoL carols

Tonight, I made Spot the Octopus sing two holiday carols for 25MTS! 1. Spot the Octopus – League of Legends Jingle Bells 2. Twelve Days of Snowdown, but, uh, I can’t upload things > 2 mb. haha Well, here they both are on Posterous, because it has a built-in flash player. http://spottheoctopus.posterous.com/spot-sings-lol-holiday-carols Lyrics: Jingle Bells… Continue reading Spot sings LoL carols

first spam

This blog just got its first-ever spam comment. It got placed into Askimet’s “pending” queue, and I marked it as spam. Hooray!

25 Minutes To Surrender: episode 8 progress report

I’m helping Jamal at Eudemonia with a League of Legends fan podcast! It’s called 25 Minutes To Surrender and it’s tons of fun. Jamal is doing a great job of pulling everyone together (read: lighting fires under our butts) and generating show content. Our other regular cast members are Aaron, Will T, Razvan, Greg, Chi,… Continue reading 25 Minutes To Surrender: episode 8 progress report