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dance on a moonbeam

1. Music and Life

Found via http://wherethehellismatt.typepad.com/blog/2008/08/05/index.html
1a. That blog post is quality stuff. The Yahoo version of the video is hilarious, at once uplifting becuase it’s spontaneous silliness and depressing because it’s corporate-planned desperation. The concept of this dude meeting Emotion Eric is hilarious. Those emails people send him are amazing.
1b. Those emails people send him make me never want to talk about depression; with stories of administering aid to refugees and flying into war zones nearby, the phrase "have been coping with depression" reeks of self-pity, self-hatred, and the ennui of a priviledged, meaningless life. Really. How does it feel to be sleepless because I can’t graduate from college when I am presented with someone on the internet who is sleepless because of the what their Somalian students tell them about war, torture, and death? Wow, I hate myself.
1c. http://www.semiconductorfilms.com/root/Magnetic_Movie/Magnetic.htm What the hell is going on??

2. I’m doing this backwards, but whatever. Here is "where the hell is matt." Kimberley sent me this link.
An entry and a video interview about the song used in the 2nd video is here: http://wherethehellismatt.typepad.com/blog/2007/11/honiara-solomon.html He acknowledges that some kind of payment for the usage of the young girl’s recording from so many years ago is owed to someone by someone which is a difficult sort of moral thing to process and I’m impressed by his honesty and thick skin. He gets a lot of shit but a lot of good feelings too, for doing what he does.
2b. Wow, he gets a lot of shit. http://wherethehellismatt.typepad.com/blog/2008/04/kuwait-city-kuw.html
2c. I will never believe in world peace, or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb. Thanks, shits. Thits.

3. I don’t want to live on the moon

I remember watching this as a small small child and crying and being totally confounded about why I was crying. I very clearly remember the visuals of Ernie leaning back on the moon and Ernie looking at the moon through his little curtained window. I still cry when I listen to this and I am still confounded. How does it create such a sense of loneliness? It’s a song about missing what’s familiar and happy about your life without even the possibility of the removal of any of these things, since it’s only about the fantasy of visiting faraway places. Maybe it’s really a song about missing the happiness, community, and purpose that are supposed to be present in my life but are not, so it’s a twice-removed missing of the ideal of a happy normal life on Earth that I don’t have, and thusly can’t even miss if I do move to the moon. Maybe sadness that neither Ernie nor I nor most ordinary people will probably never visit the moon is encoded in this song and thus I cry for all of the unrealized dreams that we have. I just cannot believe the sharp degree of pre-emptive collective/cultural nostalgia that this song generates and my completely uncontrollable emotional response. I feel like a robot programmed to respond this way on the whim of a cruel god. My throat tightens and I am overcome by intense sadness.
3a. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXVFWNSEW-M Watching Sesame Street makes you like Jesus because you see characters with their transparent meanness and pettiness and all their flaws as well as their many redeeming qualities and you forgive them all.

4. My plane leaves at 8:50am. It is 5:21am. I had better pack, and also figure out how I am going to get from the airport in Honolulu to the hostel I am staying at. Everything else can be figured out while I’m there, because I go wherever the wind blows.
4a. I have not been sleeping. I think there have been serious ramifications.

I have laughed and cried.

The Eudemonia info address gets a lot of spam.

Subject: misrecognize

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Called out. I’ve been ready this halfhourhangin’ some had
broad teeth, some had broad lips, and without skill is worthy
of dispraise, as also these two shagreens, sir, there is
a difference strength they have lost in its industries.
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which the phrase project gutenberg appears, was paying no
attention to her he had walked rapidly it was fond of. Beholding
saktri thus slain and and deference which is ever due from
a member his breast, and momentarily going about in a frightful
alive at daybreak! Dammy, sir! Cried sir lupus, the centuries
over again, springing up between for a drop or two of rain
had fallen Nonsense, that he said to you. I have laughed
and cried.

Notice: your eyes skip and hop over the double letters inserted into random words to fool spam-checkers. Surely this is documented somewhere and says something about the way our brains process language and is worth more than its utilization here as just another spam tactic.

social networking for WoW characters


i’m going to lose 1475619476095787 hours of my life.


it’s incredibly detailed. for people, it’s just like a regular social networking site. for characters, it’s a regular social networking site with the ability to friend other characters, PLUS it tracks arena games, bg performance (kills and such), /played time, and even has a blog that you can update from INSIDE wow, on top of all the regular stuff pulled straight from the armory (gear, spec, rep, etc). for guilds, it has PROGRESSION TRACKING, and even TIMING for clears of raid instances. it’s fucking ridiculous. and everything is ranked so you can see who’s the most progressed and all that.

and there’s a downloadable chat client that automatically puts you in rooms for your guild, server, and BATTLEGROUP, and an addon that tracks boss kills and such. RIDICULOUS

and i thought http://www.wowjutsu.com/us/ was cool beyond comprehension. damn.


2) You all have transformed my daemon from whippet to bunny to raccoon to fox to whippet again. Wikipedia says “Whippets are generally quiet and gentle dogs, content to spend much of the day sleeping.” ahahaa
Also, sight hounds often sleep with four feet in the air, a comfortable if ungainly position. This is called “cockroaching” and looks like this:

Compare to that picture Carolyn took of me curled up and dead to the world in an uncomfortable corner behind Quinn’s couch. I have logged into friendster and orkut because I could have sworn it was posted as a profile picture at some point, but I cannot find it. Alas.

3) I have had many anxiety dreams lately. Just now, I dreamed that I was in a ship, a massive, ornate beauty with ballrooms and dark brown wood columns and beautiful carpets crisscrossed with vine patterns. I herded dozens of quiet, frightened but determined people of all ages into a dark corner that I just knew to be the very stern of the ship, and finally into a tiny closetlike room that was the place that was the most front and most bottom of the ship, with the purpose of tipping the ship over, because we needed to raise the back of the ship in the air as a distress signal. Because we were getting attacked. Also, I had given instructions to the secret elite (which had been selected beforehand) that they were not to tell anyone, but to my dismay, people started showing up with their children. And servants (because I’ve been reading jonathan strange & mr norrell). And sure enough, more and more people started showing up. And then my worst fears cam true: a scrawny little girl with brown hair in two pleats started hollering down the corridors of the ship that the [something] were coming and that we were under attack. Naturally, people started trampling each other to get to the little closetlike room in the front of the ship, because it was now the only safe place (why? I don’t know). So we had to take some of our leadership elite and hold the crowds back, while they shouted at us to let them run free. We tried to tell them that it was for their own good, that they’d kill each other if we turned them loose, and as we held hands to form a human barrier against the surging, angry crowd, we said to each other that it was a heavy burden to bear, to be on this elite team. Then I had a flashback in my dream, explaining how when we first boarded the ship, there was a dinner for this elite team. There were all kinds of people from various walks of life and various ages, all dressed up for a formal dinner around a large large table with lots of candles and white table linen in a beautiful mahogany dining room with chandeliers and subtle touches of green from beautiful plants, and a graceful lady sheathed in a glittering purple dress stood up and touched her knife to her wineglass and delivered a speech about our duties to the rest of the people.

Then I went back to the present, or the future, or whatever, and people were inside the closet at the front of the ship, and it was filling with water, Titanic-esque. I was among the people inside. Then I wasn’t in my body anymore, but in someone else’s body, above water and outside of the room, who found a chest of drawers and had the bright idea of throwing the drawers into the doorway and trapping a pocket of air into it so that the people inside the water would be able to breathe. (The ship was practically vertical by this point.) Then I was myself again, grabbing for a drawer underwater, and sucking in a lungful of air, and passing it to my friends around me. Then I was being grabbed out of the doorway and I lay panting on the wall next to the door, grateful for air, and then I turned to get my friends out. I felt desperate and I was so afraid that some of them would die, but we got them all out miraculously, and the trapping-air-in-drawers idea worked, and everyone was safe.

I wondered about this dream: would I have inserted a flashback into my dream if I did not know of their existence from visual media? Like, did cavemen dream of a glistening fish, and then flash back to when they and their sister caught it earlier? Or was that kind of dream impossible before the advent of the movie, to show that discontinuous time was OK in a story? No, clearly not; I wondered this only because of what some history professor said about the first movie (birth of a nation)–that the creators feared the public would not understand the concept of a “cut.”

4) I am bad at choosing fruits. I made my roommate eat a nectarine I brought home from the farmer’s market, one of three; mine was sweet and delicious while hers was disgusting. Then I brought three white peaches to Ryan’s to grill: two were sweet and delicious while one was defective, the stem missing, the pit already split in half with strange things growing inside of it. Gah.

5) Anyone have a cat I can clicker-train? http://youtube.com/watch?v=Vja83KLQXZs

6) Anyone want to clicker-train me? It will require a lot of time and patience. I imagine the hand of God reaching down out of the sky to pat me on the head and say “good human!” and emit a click every time I am on time for something or get out of bed, and drop in my lap a cuddly kitten that doesn’t scratch or a puppy with inquisitive, trusting eyes, and some hard candy, some maple and brown sugar oatmeal, a walnut shrimp, maybe some plate armor with spellcrit and healing. Awww cuddly furry animals.

7) Muselive is coordinating a plan for all the fans of the world to unite to get Citizen Erased into the top 20 digital downloads for next week. In the UK, I think. I don’t really know about how the charts work or if they’ve set up one for iTunes america too. Citizen Erased’s a great choice though =) If it works, apparently radio stations will be forced to play the song, and they’ve changed the digital downloads chart recently to make it so even “non-physical single” songs are eligible. Here’s the original post, and … and even the myspace to promote getting CE to number 1. CE is a good choice. It is orgasmic.

8) Had a good 4th. There were mojitos and vegetarian hot dogs and a pretty cat and sun and shade and an umbrella, and then a park and ultimate and running around out of breath, and squint, and then dinner at amber cafe, a place with interesting fusion items such as a pizza on naan (which looked good, none of us got any) and a crepe (which ryan got, it wasn’t very good) and my potato things were good. We missed the fireworks, but that’s ok. And then while running (walking briskly?) up the up escalator in Millbrae station, the lip of my right teva caught on a step (I’d been tripping on them all day) and I fell down and have a pretty bad scrape on my left elbow, a scrape and a bruise on my right shin, and a puncture wound in my right big toe. Three bandaids upon my person! More than I’ve had in a long time! And then I was all sore from playing ultimate. I am not very active. I should go outside and run around more. But it makes my neck hurt. Wah, wah wah.

9) My computer is broken. The video card drivers don’t work; maybe the video card is borked.

1. http://twittervision.com/ in the last minute, someone in budapest is getting ready to go to the cinema in an hour and someone in kansas is wondering what her mother is making for breakfast

2a. muppets http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSjcjHsSCmM
2b. tauren http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEWgs6YQR9A

3. hdm teaser footage, complete with green screens and wires: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58X4o_41Frc can’t remember if i posted this already. if i did, it wasn’t a youtube video but a download link. BEARS!!!!!

decorating walls

http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/ is pretty neat and easy to use, though a rather prodigal use of trees and ink. be that as it may, i would love to cover an entire wall with something. the pope that started it all is pretty awesome. maybe a studio ghibli image, or the warcraft iii night elf, or a warm sunny beach, or a waterfall, or an image of lorien1 from the lotr movies, a montage of all my friends, or muse. all of you know that this list is merely posturing and that really it’ll be muse or the night elf. or one of each. if i can get my computer to talk to my printer again.

1i read the hobbit in ninth grade. i have owned lotr since last year or so (unfortunately the box set i got used in pristine condition and really cheaply at shakespeare and co has images from the movie on its covers, but not on the outside of the box; i was tricked! it makes me feel lame to have images from the movie upon the book–or do i really feel lame? no, i actually don’t; i only worry that i ought to feel more lame than i do) and hadn’t read past tom bombadil until now. i just finished the two towers. lorien is my favorite place; edoras is a close second. as expected. i’m sure they’re everyone’s favorites. eowyn’s my favorite, for she is fair and cold. i overuse semicolons and dashes–perhaps i even misuse them.

master makes villians in his book and calls them squint-eyed, yes. orcses and nasty things. you know they are nasty because they are squint-eyed. bad men have dark skin and braided black hair, they do. good men and elves are fairer and fairer. we loves master, we likes his work, yes we do, but we also loves our black hair and brownish skin and our precious squinty eyes. is it really master’s fault? embedded in the language it is; even the word fair means two things, we musn’t forget. no, it is just his environment perhaps. or is it? loathsome tricksy masterses. we hates him. we puts elements of yoda into our bad imitation of gollum-speaks. poor precious! poor squinty precious! Judy hugged herself and rocked back and forth. Sam looked at the creature with disgust. “Oh, come off it,” he said. “My old Gaffer would have a piece to say about you, he would!”

elrond has black hair eh?

controversy over buffing up blood elven males. comments to posts like these are always fun to wade through because there’s so much insulting that goes on. “get over it loser, sexism is everywhere and you won’t get anything by whining about it” “if you want to play video games, learn to get along with boys or don’t play” hahahahahahaha. i’m among the legions of girls sad about this, but obviously what we’re getting all riled up about is the idea, the attitude rather than the actual model change (it’s not thaaaat bad. i prefer the old more, far more, but the new is no human male /rolleyes). they ditzed up night elven females (in war iii they were more serious and statuesque, solemn warriors stalking through the shadows; in wow they gave them that cheerleader dance and silly voice emotes, which i think is okay because it’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, parodical) and that’s socially acceptable (though i’m annoyed that it’s what people think night elves are really like now). but they ditz up males and apparently instantly regret it; there’s talk of changing the be male emotes (rumors say they’ve already removed “i need a scrunchie”)

i have a constant very slow drip from my nose. i am not sure which is better: feeling like shit because your nose is dry and irritated and cracking from tissue, or feeling like shit because you got the special kind of tissue with lotion in it so as to prevent your skin from getting irritated thusly causing your entire face and hands and everything you touch to be covered in a pervasive film of oil. even after you wash your hands.

i am not in a good place. wow.

This is the highest-quality video of the Zidane interview I’ve found on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSA_I-nFXOU
BBC did a segment on it with some translations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWY9QLbeIxc

All I can understand is “parce que” and “les enfants” and “sur tout pas” and “la maman, la soeur.”

God, he’s such a beautiful man.


This video made me say “what the crap?” out loud: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpG4AHlZrL4&search=materazzi
Yeah, lots of people commit fouls, but is everyone as bad as this guy?
Here’s another, shorter one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlaqsOPlt-0&mode=related&search=Materazzi

There are tons of Zidane compilation videos on youtube. Here’s a pretty popular one that has a bunch of clips of him and Ronaldinho: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjM06i54s3s&search=zidane%20ronaldinho

“Why are you so obsessed with this?” Ryan asks. I dunno. I feel like I haven’t been this drawn to something since the x-files. Oh, besides warcraft. Hmm. I guess I slip into relative obsession pretty easily, and always because of some small thing. My love of the backstreet boys was 100% the fault of krdogstar, who called (or maybe it was over IM?) me to demand that I turn on the TV to watch them perform at the end of SNL. My love of the new yorker is 100% the fault of mercuryfading who brought a copy to school to read, and mike cut it up during vertigo to use a cartoon in his layout. I heard of the x-files because of–and this is truly embarrassing–some retarded Newsweek article on the movie (I told you it was embarrassing. In chatrooms and forums ever after, when people asked “what season/episode turned you on to the xfiles” and I’d answer “the movie,” people would respond with shock because the movie was so unlike the series and they didn’t know anyone who was converted to loving the series after being exposed to the movie. I’m sure, like always, that there exists a more elegant way of saying that, but I’m too lazy to find it.) And I hadn’t even heard of Zidane until Alan said “look at Zidane, he’s playing like a madman because he’s going to retire.” And there you have it.

slate has a bunch of articles, some include how to headbutt like a pro, wtf magic spray, this article is funny

i’ll just deposit links here as i find them

something awful – animated .gif fever… wow. just wow.
video – one of many compilations of the animated .gifs
more smartassity – photos with captions

zidane compilations
this one is my favorite – compilations r fun. this one has lots of dancing around; many of the others focus on goals. it also has some dives and misses and fouls. he totally taunts two guys at 2:13, it’s funny. also, this compliation uses a muse song in the middle. yay muse
this one is good too – found it via looking at random people whose blogs link to the above video. ah, youtube options
zidane compilation – seems to be exclusively from the 2006 world cup, and also seems to be put together by a tv station?
goals and stuff – the music choice is hilariously terrible. i like the one at 3:35 that gets replayed a couple of times. apparently put together by an asian (chinese?) real madrid fan website?

in general
dives from all over – this is funny
this commentator is awesome. henry is too
how the italy team trains HAHAHA


directdk, my illustrious many-statued fast-syllabled roommate, has a new website. Please visit it as it is glorious and he spends many hours toiling on it and caring for his beloveds and I can only marvel in uncomprehending fascination. http://www.berserkstatues.com … If you need clarification, Berserk is the title of a grandiose, bloody, heart-wrenching, bloody, violent, bloody, far-reaching in topics and philosophy, bloody, and bloody manga, set in some ancient time of melee combat, huge swords, knights, corrupt kings, and troupes of bandits. Er, maybe I am giving you the wrong idea, I don’t really know how to describe Berserk. Of course, if you want to know about other things in Derek-world, there is smash, and there is also him and ill_reflectz‘s http://www.magnetichiphop.com … I sing on their upcoming album! So do many other more interesting people. One that plays a really cool Vietnamese instrument does not sing the lyrics “So in love, I give my hat to you. I tell a lie to my mom: I crossed the bridge, wind wind wind blew my hat away, wind wind wind blew my hat away. So in love, I give my bra to you…” in that she sang them but alas they will not be included. Um. Yes that was not that important to write out but I did anyway. What else?

rwclark has a new literature blog!!! http://bookomaru.blogspot.com is where you can find it. Ryan is smart and articulate. Yay for things to put on my links list! Haha.