dance on a moonbeam

1. Music and Life Found via 1a. That blog post is quality stuff. The Yahoo version of the video is hilarious, at once uplifting becuase it’s spontaneous silliness and depressing because it’s corporate-planned desperation. The concept of this dude meeting Emotion Eric is hilarious. Those emails people send him are amazing. 1b. Those emails… Continue reading dance on a moonbeam

I have laughed and cried.

The Eudemonia info address gets a lot of spam. Subject: misrecognize Are you a freequent visitor of reetail sooftware stores?We know what you’re overpayying for:– box manufacturingg – CD– salespperson salary– Reent of shop spacce– Year-to-yearr incrreasing taxes in your countrryWell, what for ?! You’re able to downloaad eeverything legally NOW!Faabulous range of sooftware and… Continue reading I have laughed and cried.

social networking for WoW characters i’m going to lose 1475619476095787 hours of my life. it’s incredibly detailed. for people, it’s just like a regular social networking site. for characters, it’s a regular social networking site with the ability to friend other characters, PLUS it tracks arena games, bg performance (kills and such), /played time, and even has a… Continue reading social networking for WoW characters


1. in the last minute, someone in budapest is getting ready to go to the cinema in an hour and someone in kansas is wondering what her mother is making for breakfast 2a. muppets 2b. tauren 3. hdm teaser footage, complete with green screens and wires: can’t remember if i posted… Continue reading Untitled


This is the highest-quality video of the Zidane interview I’ve found on youtube: BBC did a segment on it with some translations All I can understand is “parce que” and “les enfants” and “sur tout pas” and “la maman, la soeur.” God, he’s such a beautiful man. ….. This video made me say… Continue reading Untitled


directdk, my illustrious many-statued fast-syllabled roommate, has a new website. Please visit it as it is glorious and he spends many hours toiling on it and caring for his beloveds and I can only marvel in uncomprehending fascination. … If you need clarification, Berserk is the title of a grandiose, bloody, heart-wrenching, bloody, violent,… Continue reading Untitled