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do you know any asian-american comic writers? if you like comics, join the facebook group too. even if you’re not asian-american.

i might skip guster again for imogen heap. hey, kid beyond’s opening for her all through her us tour. that’s pretty cool. and the warfield i can bart to. poor guster.

who wants to drive me to davis on nov 13?

i went to the ucce halloween show yesterday.
perfect fifth came out with blinking devil horns. one of the songs they did was one that i’d done in high school, in the california regional honor choir. i can’t spell the name. i think it involved daemons. DAEMON DAEMON DAEMON! it’s a neat song.
the women’s chorale packed themselves onto the risers in 20s getups. my favorite was the last to leave the stage because she stayed in character the entire time.
air can safely be said to be the a cappella group with the best legs. love their unisex vests.
the men’s chorale were chickens, an egg, and a colonel sanders. they lit up their faces on beat with flashlights.
decadence still uses the romance-novel blurb that lemmingsolution came up with many many years ago. a few years ago i added the part about the glow of a computer monitor tuned to the decadence website, but it’s spelled “moniter” in the halloween show program. i hope i didn’t type it “moniter” back then. and why would i have said “monitor” anyway? why not screen? they came onstage with assorted glow-in-the-dark things attached to themselves and did “ghostbusters” in the dark with black lights. creative! then they did she’s already gone and mortal kombat. yay choreo!
we saw a snippet from one of the five plays from barestage’s upcoming production titled “me.com” about social networking websites.
one jazz choir member died and was resurrected for chili con carne.
noteworthy had costume changes and a dodgy plot about going to france to testify in court and having to dress up as women because they were in the witness protection program. it was pretty awesome.
the overtones came out in black waving ipods. i liked “let go” because of the soloist. i hadn’t thought it possible to do cheesy a cappella moves to alanis; i was wrong.
the octet is asian and cute this year.

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