Awesome!Dwarf picture; Ben Folds in SF on August 23

Check out the gun on this dwarf:

hahahahahaha!!! That page is for his FLAMING (literal) crown; the gun page is actually here. hahahaha!!! I laugh so hard!!! You all get to 60 NOW so we can take on Ragnaros and get these items of badass!!!! hahaha!!!

The Ben Folds/Rufus Wainwright concert at the Saratoga winery place is sold out already. I’m very sad. I thought I had time! August is more than two months away! wtf! The tickets were FIFTY DOLLARS each, anyway. What, do I LOOK like I’m made of money? /pout

Ok, I am doing more research. The email I got from the Ben Folds mailing list only mentioned three concerts in California–two in LA and the one at the Saratoga winery thing. The Mountain Winery website doesn’t even list the folds/wainwright concert in its schedule, oddly (but you can go there to watch the beach boys, margaret cho, aimee mann, huey lewis and the news, the wallflowers, styx, the b-52’s, jewel, and many other people). Ok, and shows the two LA concerts, the saratoga winery concert… AND a concert in SF in between! 8/23/05… at the Davies Symphony Hall!! That’s cool. (On Sale June 12) (Stay tuned for pre-sale info). Also the ben folds website mentions that not only is it ben folds and rufus wainwright, but there’s ben lee on this tour too.

THEREFORE I, JUDY THE RESOURCEFUL, HAVE FOUND A BETTER WAY TO SEE BEN FOLDS IN CONCERT! A WAY THAT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE! ha. So um. Tell me if you want to come for sure sometime soon. I wish I were resourceful enough to find out how much the Davies one is per ticket. But then I can wake up early in the morning on June 12 to buy tickets for it. Yes. has nothing about it cuz they apparently don’t actually “plan” things this far in advance; the “august” page says “Events have yet to be scheduled for this month.” But while browsing, I came across Of Thee I Sing/Let Them Eat Cake. I was in our school’s production of Of Thee I Sing in seventh grade. Haha! Winterspring (oh my…) Wintergreen runs for president on a platform of love–he has a beauty pageant and pledges to marry the winner (Kucinich tried this too in 2004!), except he falls in love with Mary who makes corn muffins, and the pageant winner who’s the illegitimate daughter of the illegitimate son of the illegitimate nephew of Napoleon gets the French ambassador to come and threaten war or something so they marry her off to the Vice President for the happy ending! Haha! I was Winterspring’s secretary. I have a sneaking suspicion that my character was supposed to be a man, but they changed it to a girl cuz more girls try out for junior high musicals than boys; I’ve never found out if this was true. I had a really really hard time pronouncing the word “plurality” and kept saying “PHOto-GRApher.” What else can I say about this musical? My mom had this green suit-dress-thing that she tailored down to fit me and was so proud of it because it was green and the president’s name was Wintergreen. The kid who played “Senator Lyons” played the cowardly lion in the following year’s production of “Dorothy Meets Alice” and once I pointed that out to him backstage and he went around telling everybody how cool that was for half an hour (I can’t remember the actual kid’s name, though). Meghan and Soumeya made fun of my pink water bottle and the flight-attendant machinery I dragged my backpack to school in, holding their fingers in an L-shape on their foreheads and I didn’t even really know what that meant (I learned “3-D loser! You’re a loser in all dimensions!” later in life I guess; ask for a visual demonstration if it wasn’t a favorite of yours in jr high! I’d be happy to oblige). My fellow secretary (the vice president’s) was Erin. If you watch the crappy video my dad took of one of the performances with his creaking, unweildy videocamera, the kind you have to put a whole VHS tape into, the kind you had to support on your shoulder, you can see me and Erin standing in the front of a mass of kids leading a song and dance (it’s great to be a secret’ry in the white house, D.C.!), and you can very clearly see me turn the wrong way in the final triumphant moments of the number. Erin’s married now. My image of my father from those years is fuzzy, out of my peripheral vision: squinting, behind his glasses which were behind the camera lens with the flappy rubber eyepiece, hunched over bearing the weight of a massive whirring box, skirting tables and bystanders with as much lopsided grace as he could muster. Hovering, with a smile, enjoying that he was laboring to capture these important moments in family history so that we could enjoy them in the future. I always took it for granted that he’d be back there, in a corner, to document whatever spotlight I happened to be in, with all the other dads who were documenting the other kids I was in the spotlight with. You know, I was in Dilworth’s talent shows from first grade through sixth grade. In first grade, Greg’s mom had this idea to recruit twelve little girls and have them stand behind Greg who would sing Calendar Girl, a song I don’t even know now (just like “do the locomotion,” a song that I don’t know now but would recognize… it was the theme song for one of the first Walkarounds I participated in. I might still have the blue and white tshirt. Dragon and train). There has to exist a video of it somewhere. My house is like a vast sea cavern.

Edit 9:26am: I just woke up. Hard drive: “Your package is in the UPS system and is on time with a scheduled delivery date of May 25, 2005.” Sniff… can I last another day?


      1. Re: i’m a fan of SoC!

        SoC = seal of command. pally talent, midway down the retribution line. when active, has chance to do additional holy dmg equal to your weapon dmg. so great for use with 2h. i bet it would be awesome with the holy talent “holy aura” and judgement of the crusader, but i’ve never tried it cuz my current pally is all holy, and it’ll be like 20 levels before i get enough talent points into ret to try SoC

        1. Re: i’m a fan of SoC!

          Supposedly it’s bugged so that the JotC doesn’t apply to SoC procs. I was experimenting yesterday, and that seemed unfortunately to be the case.

          And is your pally on Lightbringer?

          1. Re: i’m a fan of SoC!

            WHAT?!?! Are you serious??? Bah! Why are pallies so buggy?! I guess it’s their own fault, all the judging and seals make it kind of complicated.

            Lynne, my paladin, is on Dragonmaw, where a whole bunch of guys from my high school play. It’s too bad I didn’t know they were playing from the beginning too, or we could have gotten on the same server. Maybe not, though, since they wanted a PvP server and that is clearly not the defeneveggies’ focus. I don’t play on her too much; I’ve watched them all get to 60 and get lifestealing enchant on their purple daggers. Lynne JUST turned 40 yesterday and got her free mount, and got the 1h mace that Whitemane drops and the 2h mace that Mograine drops (the other pally already had ’em haha). I’m so greedy. Anyway, I don’t even have SoC–I went straight for Holy Shock. I’m gonna start going down Ret for SoC now.

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