Bluetooth tags

There are three Indiegogo campaigns for bluetooth tags going on right now. How do I choose between them? Bringrr – little tags that connect to your phone; you can get as many as you want; mobile app focuses on helping you find your lost keys by showing arrows on your phone’s screen if you’re close… Continue reading Bluetooth tags


I just played Journey for the first time. Played it all the way through. I can’t tell you why I just cried for twenty minutes after the credits and watching the sunrise in the new journey screen, because I don’t know why, myself.

support OpenHatch!

OpenHatch is running a crowdfunding campaign! Please throw dollars at OH so they can run more Open Source Comes To Campus events and bring skills/knowhow/cookies to people who are interested in contributing to open source but don’t know where to begin. Help them succeed in their mission of increasing diversity in open source! Clearly,… Continue reading support OpenHatch!

Riot’s music video for Jinx

I’m totally fascinated by Riot’s strategies for hyping new content. This is an actual song, with a custom-animated music video, and the vocals are done by Agnete Kjølsrud, who is from a Norwegian rock band ( , and what? She has wikipedia pages in other languages, but not on the english wikipedia. Her link… Continue reading Riot’s music video for Jinx

dance with me // google glass

Sarah set up her Google Glass yesterday. Here’s one of my favorite ribbon dance moves as seen by other people: And here it is as seen by me: The move that I’m referring to is the sequence that I repeat twice: two circles waving my arms upwards and reaching up while kicking my… Continue reading dance with me // google glass


Last weekend, maiki and susan invited me out with emma clover for a walk to the berkeley marina. Even though I’d lived in Berkeley for like nine years, I hadn’t actually walked all the way there from anywhere inside of Berkeley. I’d always taken the bus or gotten a ride in. There’s a bunch of… Continue reading ribbons

life has to be worth living

Here’s an nyt article on nostalgia. The experimenters induced nostalgia by playing hit songs from the past for some people and letting them read lyrics to their favorite songs. Afterward, these people were more likely than a control group to say that they felt “loved” and that “life is worth living.” More likely? This means… Continue reading life has to be worth living