Field games

Yesterday there was an archery party at Redwood Bowmen, and Neal asked Spot the Octopus to sing at the event. He had asked us to sing for a similar party around this time last year, and that’s when we all got into archery. We sang a fun set and the crowd seemed really entertained! Squirrel… Continue reading Field games

This isn’t about WoW

So I’m tagging my recent entries, and I realized that all of them are about WoW. Should I be frightened? I’m singing with Spot the Octopus now. andeja, lemmingsolution, mbarrien, plish, flyingbear and misterroboto (plus livejournalless alan) are a fun bunch. rwclark is with us until he leaves for Iowa. G’s pet has shed a… Continue reading This isn’t about WoW

south bay singers

My friend mbarrien is in an a cappella group named Redshift. They’re having auditions soon. (That’s a link to the ad Mike posted on his lj.) Anyway, I’m posting this just in case anyone out there is interested.