Bartle Test

maiki posted about the Bartle Test, which shows what your preferences are in MMOs. I came out SEAK. 1. Socializer 73% 2. Explorer 67% 3. Achiever 40% 4. Killer 20% I am not that surprised by this. I have some quibbles, because I don’t consider many of the questions to be actual choices. For example,… Continue reading Bartle Test

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“Communication in multiplayer gaming: Examining player responses to gender cues”

Researchers at Ohio University conducted a study on reactions to gendered voices in Halo 3. The same recordings (of generic things like “thanks for the game”) were played in the lobby and after matches. via r/girlgamers link to abstract of study: I like that they also compared performance and found that the female… Continue reading “Communication in multiplayer gaming: Examining player responses to gender cues”

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xbox 360 controllers + wireless dongle + mac

Peterson and I are here at the dinner table with my Microsoft wireless controller dongle and two wireless xbox360 controllers. led us to … and the source is available! It is made up of … a lot of xcode projects. I’d used the driver before, on the day I saw that Microsoft… Continue reading xbox 360 controllers + wireless dongle + mac

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Starcraft 2 tourneys that I’ll play in!

I am going to participate in a couple of online starcraft cups! 1) r/starcraft‘s open clan, r/almostrelevant, is hosting an internal league. I signed up for the gold division. Group play leading to brackets. They JUST put up the first matches! We’re responsible for finding our partner, scheduling/playing games, then uploading replays/results and awaiting our… Continue reading Starcraft 2 tourneys that I’ll play in!

Game overload

Todo: Trine via the Humble Indie Bundle 3, because there’s been some buzz about it. Shadowgrounds, via the above. Spiral Knights via maiki via penny arcade. Puzzle Pirates via Kyle and others, because they kept telling me how it was awesome years ago and I just never played it, and now I’m interested again because… Continue reading Game overload

kinect sports

These are my siblings, Raymond and Annie. Annie just got home from Japan–she’s been there since May for study abroad. We were definitely overdue for some silliness. This is me locked in epic combat with a member of our extended family. He is a very fierce competitor. Just look at those kicks. My favorite moment… Continue reading kinect sports

Spot sings LoL carols

Tonight, I made Spot the Octopus sing two holiday carols for 25MTS! 1. Spot the Octopus – League of Legends Jingle Bells 2. Twelve Days of Snowdown, but, uh, I can’t upload things > 2 mb. haha Well, here they both are on Posterous, because it has a built-in flash player. Lyrics: Jingle Bells… Continue reading Spot sings LoL carols

25 Minutes To Surrender: episode 8 progress report

I’m helping Jamal at Eudemonia with a League of Legends fan podcast! It’s called 25 Minutes To Surrender and it’s tons of fun. Jamal is doing a great job of pulling everyone together (read: lighting fires under our butts) and generating show content. Our other regular cast members are Aaron, Will T, Razvan, Greg, Chi,… Continue reading 25 Minutes To Surrender: episode 8 progress report