12/1/12 Spot sang

Last week, Spot the Octopus opened for DeCadence on one of their semester concert days. It was fun! We sang four songs — Istanbul (as made popular by tmbg), Monster (an original by Angela), House by the Sea (iron & wine), and La Grippe (squirrel nut zippers). Here is a playlist: =)

Spot sings LoL carols

Tonight, I made Spot the Octopus sing two holiday carols for 25MTS! 1. Spot the Octopus – League of Legends Jingle Bells 2. Twelve Days of Snowdown, but, uh, I can’t upload things > 2 mb. haha Well, here they both are on Posterous, because it has a built-in flash player. http://spottheoctopus.posterous.com/spot-sings-lol-holiday-carols Lyrics: Jingle Bells… Continue reading Spot sings LoL carols