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Number stations

I’m creeping myself out listening to this BBC Radio 4 segment on number stations!!!!

you are about to enter a very strange world: a world of alleged spooks and spies, of conspiracies and covert operations, of illicit transmissions across the globe to secret agents on undercover operations. or perhaps just a world of fantasies, in the grip of a cold war hangover, imagining it all, just to fulfill their big brotherly paranoia. either way, what i’m about to show you is, at the very least, curious, and possibly very scary indeed.

With an intro like that, how could you possibly NOT stop whatever you’re doing and listen? I haven’t got tons and TONS of hours of listening to radio under my belt, but when I transcribed that opening passage, I realized how different speaking can be from writing. Pauses and sentence fragments.

I kind of love this xD I came across it from the musewiki page on “Isolated System.” ahhhh!!!!!!

crunch time

Ally and I ate a lot of falafel on Leidseplein last night at this awesome salad bar, then barhopped all night. I really love this area just south of Leidseplein. And it was an accident–we had found a cheap Best Western here. I’m pretty behind on blogging!

The livenation.nl website didn’t take american credit cards, so I wasn’t prepared for the Muse concert–I was sort of thinking I’d go down to the arena to buy a ticket. Then it was 45 minutes away by tram and I … had inertia. This is really weird–a few years ago, it would have been COMPLETELY UNTHINKABLE for me to miss Muse in my city for ANYTHING. But traveling alone can be hard, and so when Ally said “Bad Religion is playing tonight! I loved them!” I was like “hmm maybe that instead” once I found out that the venue they were playing at was like 3 minutes away and I guess I want to do things with people.

Laura is going to KILL me.

She will KILL me.

I guess this is me feeling some regret, but at least I’m writing it down here as an indication that I am okay living with my choice. haha. It was also like less than half the price. I suppose I could have tried using craigslist or finding stuff. Well…

I still had fun and the Melkweg was a really cool venue, so I’m glad I went to *something*! And I’m into BR more and more these days anyway. I could sing along during “sorrow” and such. Found an area upstairs pretty close the stage actually where there were a bunch of girls so I stood near them, because it was less scary than standing near a lot of large dudes. haha.

After the falafel, I saw some people on Liedes square and one was wearing a Muse tshirt so I was like OMG HOW WAS IT? and they were like IT WAS GREAT BUT THEY DIDN’T PLAY HYSTERIA???? and I was like I SAW BAD RELIGION INSTEAD BUT MUSE IS MY FAVORITE BAND IVE SEEN THEM EIGHT TIMES LIKE IN SF RECENTLY (even thought it was oakland) and he was like WOW I’VE ONLY SEEN MUSE FIVE TIMES AND I LOVED BAD RELIGION WHEN I WAS LIKE 12, DID THEY PLAY ‘SLUMBER’ I LOVED THAT SONG and I was like I DUNNO NOT WHEN I WAS THERE cuz i’d missed the first like half of the show and then I was like WHEN I SAW MUSE THEY DIDN’T PLAY STOCKHOLM! DID YOU GUYS GET STOCKHOLM? and they were like WELL THEY DID THE ROULETTE THING SO WE GOT NEW BORN AGAIN (and i didn’t figure out what they meant by again–did they play it twice lol? I’ll look on the message boards later) and then his companion was like “here, you can have this” and gave me a 20 euro bill but on further inspection it was a 20 euro bill on plastic-y paper that says “the 2nd law” and has a picture of the band on it HAHAHAHA and they were like YEAH SOME CEO OF A BANK THREW THESE DOWN LIKE CONFETTI FROM THE CATWALK, YOU CAN HAVE THIS AS A SOUVENIR CUZ WE CAN SEE HOW SAD YOU ARE THAT YO MISSED THE SHOW and i was like THANK YOU

Then they told us about some interesting-sounding clubs (jazz // live music // different scenes // blues) and we went our separate ways. Ally and I danced a while. One fo the clubs played that song I used to play a lot in my dorm room in 2000 that goes “i just don’t care if it something soemthing, I’ll fly with youuuuuuuuuuuu! I’ll fly with yyoooooouuuuuu” and then immediately after that, played that song by macklemore, the one that I like that isn’t thrift shop–I like it because it’s obviously tongue-in-cheek with the most generic-sounding lyrics possible for the impossibly catchy chorus — tongiht is the night, this is the moment, we’ll fight til it’s over, so throw your hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us… I love this song and Leidesplein clubs do too. We went to another club and the song played there. Then we went to another bar and the song played there too. Hahaha.

Sarah and Estelle just got into town so I have to pack up here and go find them! So excited!


Linked from Muselive, which I’ve started reading again now that there’s a new album in the works: Speaking to BBC 6 Music, Bellamy revealed the record’s sound could see the band abandoning their traditional rock leanings completely. “A symphonic album has turned up here, like a full collaboration with an orchestra,” he said.

“There’s definitely a few things on the album which are segueing into each other and it’s all very orchestral, but that could take over the album, so it could actually be kind of classical act basically, and move away from rock all together.

HAARP release date: april 1


April 1
The Clay Theatre
2261 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
Tickets available at the Door


special edition http://store.wbr.com/prod.aspx?sys=wbr&upc=825646968244



I’m sick.

I saw Daft Punk, Muse, and Rage Against the Machine at Vegoose this weekend.

There are fewer things more ridiculous than a helmeted robot-man pumping a metallic fist at us from within a giant raised pyramid-spaceship, and therefore now I am a big fan of Daft Punk. Plus I love a good dance party. Their set was crazy: pyramid bordered with really bright pulsing moving lights and screens on the sides, triangle-latticework facade capable of rendering progressions of colors, big screen in the back largely used for words. I wish I got a picture of the part in “technologic” where they said “fuck it” for two stanzas and the back screen blinked “FUCK” in big big big red letters. That would have made a fantastic livejournal icon. In their encore, they surprised us with light-up suits and everybody cheered. It was awesome! Here are some pretty good pictures from someone on the Muse messageboards: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?p=3568459#post3568459

Muse delivered a top-notch performance, as usual. Spidey Dom! Muse’s set was minimal, and the setlist was very similar to the one we saw at Irvine, only shorter. At one point Matt stood in the spotlight with his mirror guitar and shone a beam of light at a passing airplane. That was cool. A lot of the crowd were there for Rage, but I heard a few positive comments in the sea of disinterest around me: “that’s a lot of sound coming out of such a little guy,” “wow they rock!”

Rage and Rage’s crowd were both fun to watch. FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here I am at the very back of Rage’s crowd:

On Monday before we left, we played craps, because I’ve never gambled before. I am happy to report that after like an hour I was no longer completely confused. Just mostly confused. I had a little fun run as the shooter. I kept putting 5 on hard six when I was rolling for some reason. Once I put down 5 on hard six and then immediately rolled an easy six, QQed, and then four rolls later I rolled a hard six and the people around me QQed some more–“if you just put down that bet one turn later!” A nice old guy next to us who explained some stuff (“the odds on those areas (6 and 8) are something like 4 to 7, i don’t remember what they are exactly but you want to bet in multiples of 6. if you put down 10, the payout will only be 10, but if you put down 12, the payout will be 14. so if you’re gonna put down on six and eight, put down 12!”) put a 5 on hard six for me, and I immediately proceeded to roll a 7. That made me QQ. Gambling is kind of pointless if you are very indecisive and don’t know what’s going on. Haha.

Man… I never take enough pictures!

Today, I went to the dentist again. My tongue is numb. The dentist was like, “that’s weird. You’re the first person whose tongue got numb from shots in the upper gum. You’re special.” One amalgam (silver) and one composite (white) filling. Last visit was two white ones. Next visit is gonna be on July 30. Today, all three of us sang along with “hey there delilah” during a break: me prone and ridiculous in the chair; the attendant almost whispering, mouselike; the dentist, humming absentmindedly.

So with a tongue that flops about uselessly in my mouth, I turn to things that are sure to make me feel happy, like applesauce. Here, Matt fucks around on an acoustic guitar for a french interview. What he’d do to seduce a girl, Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits, “the opposite of Muse,” for fun, and a bit of falling down with more little wavies than I’ve ever heard it:

“C’etait quoi?” “I dunno I just made it up.”
“They say this guitar is magic!” “Possibly!” giggle!


Oh yah, and I finished HP7, of course. Now I’m working through that book by suz’s brother.

“But tonight you look so pretty, yes you do.” “Even more in love with me you’d fall, we’d have it all.” How annoying, how saccharine the lyrics, how calculated the voice with the careful cracks in measured places, how pleading: o how much I love this kind of song. Hahahahahha. I just bought it on iTunes. I CAN’T HELP IT

muselove: getting CE to number 1

so, we in the US CAN help out! hahhaa

Do you love Muse?

Members of Muselive.com and other fansites are trying to get Citizen Erased, possibly one of Muse’s greatest tracks, into the charts.

This is possible by paying for digital singles on sites such as HMVDigital, iTunes and Digital. We recommend iTunes.

Download Links (Downloading can start NOW up until Sunday!)
HMV Digital Download
7digital ** Accepts Paypal ** Also counts for foreign downloads! Download
iTunes Download

Please, please help us out here! We’d love for Muse to get a chart entry on such a classic tune! If you’re not from the UK, you can download from the 7Digital site (which also accepts paypal).

Please also spread the word. E-mail / IM your friends and family, post it on your blog or any forums you visit – the more publicity the better.

Feel free to Private Message me (click here) if you have any great ideas, or if you’ve posted it anywhere which will generate some publicity 🙂

Thanks everyone – do get in contact if you have any questions!


i just used paypal and £0.79 GBP is $1.65 USD (PayPal Conversion Rate as of Jul. 10, 2007: 1 U.S. Dollar = 0.481288 Pounds Sterling)

=D i’d pay that much for like, a bag of chips. this is a chance to unite with muse fans worldwide and try to get more exposure for citizen erased… totally worth it



2) You all have transformed my daemon from whippet to bunny to raccoon to fox to whippet again. Wikipedia says “Whippets are generally quiet and gentle dogs, content to spend much of the day sleeping.” ahahaa
Also, sight hounds often sleep with four feet in the air, a comfortable if ungainly position. This is called “cockroaching” and looks like this:

Compare to that picture Carolyn took of me curled up and dead to the world in an uncomfortable corner behind Quinn’s couch. I have logged into friendster and orkut because I could have sworn it was posted as a profile picture at some point, but I cannot find it. Alas.

3) I have had many anxiety dreams lately. Just now, I dreamed that I was in a ship, a massive, ornate beauty with ballrooms and dark brown wood columns and beautiful carpets crisscrossed with vine patterns. I herded dozens of quiet, frightened but determined people of all ages into a dark corner that I just knew to be the very stern of the ship, and finally into a tiny closetlike room that was the place that was the most front and most bottom of the ship, with the purpose of tipping the ship over, because we needed to raise the back of the ship in the air as a distress signal. Because we were getting attacked. Also, I had given instructions to the secret elite (which had been selected beforehand) that they were not to tell anyone, but to my dismay, people started showing up with their children. And servants (because I’ve been reading jonathan strange & mr norrell). And sure enough, more and more people started showing up. And then my worst fears cam true: a scrawny little girl with brown hair in two pleats started hollering down the corridors of the ship that the [something] were coming and that we were under attack. Naturally, people started trampling each other to get to the little closetlike room in the front of the ship, because it was now the only safe place (why? I don’t know). So we had to take some of our leadership elite and hold the crowds back, while they shouted at us to let them run free. We tried to tell them that it was for their own good, that they’d kill each other if we turned them loose, and as we held hands to form a human barrier against the surging, angry crowd, we said to each other that it was a heavy burden to bear, to be on this elite team. Then I had a flashback in my dream, explaining how when we first boarded the ship, there was a dinner for this elite team. There were all kinds of people from various walks of life and various ages, all dressed up for a formal dinner around a large large table with lots of candles and white table linen in a beautiful mahogany dining room with chandeliers and subtle touches of green from beautiful plants, and a graceful lady sheathed in a glittering purple dress stood up and touched her knife to her wineglass and delivered a speech about our duties to the rest of the people.

Then I went back to the present, or the future, or whatever, and people were inside the closet at the front of the ship, and it was filling with water, Titanic-esque. I was among the people inside. Then I wasn’t in my body anymore, but in someone else’s body, above water and outside of the room, who found a chest of drawers and had the bright idea of throwing the drawers into the doorway and trapping a pocket of air into it so that the people inside the water would be able to breathe. (The ship was practically vertical by this point.) Then I was myself again, grabbing for a drawer underwater, and sucking in a lungful of air, and passing it to my friends around me. Then I was being grabbed out of the doorway and I lay panting on the wall next to the door, grateful for air, and then I turned to get my friends out. I felt desperate and I was so afraid that some of them would die, but we got them all out miraculously, and the trapping-air-in-drawers idea worked, and everyone was safe.

I wondered about this dream: would I have inserted a flashback into my dream if I did not know of their existence from visual media? Like, did cavemen dream of a glistening fish, and then flash back to when they and their sister caught it earlier? Or was that kind of dream impossible before the advent of the movie, to show that discontinuous time was OK in a story? No, clearly not; I wondered this only because of what some history professor said about the first movie (birth of a nation)–that the creators feared the public would not understand the concept of a “cut.”

4) I am bad at choosing fruits. I made my roommate eat a nectarine I brought home from the farmer’s market, one of three; mine was sweet and delicious while hers was disgusting. Then I brought three white peaches to Ryan’s to grill: two were sweet and delicious while one was defective, the stem missing, the pit already split in half with strange things growing inside of it. Gah.

5) Anyone have a cat I can clicker-train? http://youtube.com/watch?v=Vja83KLQXZs

6) Anyone want to clicker-train me? It will require a lot of time and patience. I imagine the hand of God reaching down out of the sky to pat me on the head and say “good human!” and emit a click every time I am on time for something or get out of bed, and drop in my lap a cuddly kitten that doesn’t scratch or a puppy with inquisitive, trusting eyes, and some hard candy, some maple and brown sugar oatmeal, a walnut shrimp, maybe some plate armor with spellcrit and healing. Awww cuddly furry animals.

7) Muselive is coordinating a plan for all the fans of the world to unite to get Citizen Erased into the top 20 digital downloads for next week. In the UK, I think. I don’t really know about how the charts work or if they’ve set up one for iTunes america too. Citizen Erased’s a great choice though =) If it works, apparently radio stations will be forced to play the song, and they’ve changed the digital downloads chart recently to make it so even “non-physical single” songs are eligible. Here’s the original post, and … and even the myspace to promote getting CE to number 1. CE is a good choice. It is orgasmic.

8) Had a good 4th. There were mojitos and vegetarian hot dogs and a pretty cat and sun and shade and an umbrella, and then a park and ultimate and running around out of breath, and squint, and then dinner at amber cafe, a place with interesting fusion items such as a pizza on naan (which looked good, none of us got any) and a crepe (which ryan got, it wasn’t very good) and my potato things were good. We missed the fireworks, but that’s ok. And then while running (walking briskly?) up the up escalator in Millbrae station, the lip of my right teva caught on a step (I’d been tripping on them all day) and I fell down and have a pretty bad scrape on my left elbow, a scrape and a bruise on my right shin, and a puncture wound in my right big toe. Three bandaids upon my person! More than I’ve had in a long time! And then I was all sore from playing ultimate. I am not very active. I should go outside and run around more. But it makes my neck hurt. Wah, wah wah.

9) My computer is broken. The video card drivers don’t work; maybe the video card is borked.

wembley 1 (edited to add 2)


look at that setlist. microcuts… /wish

just now i took a nap and dreamed that muse was staying at my house in san jose. i showed matt a picture from http://community.livejournal.com/musewhores/140970.html#cutid1 of the stadium filling up before the show (that thread was awesome, got updated with pictures as the hours went on; i’d checked it right before my nap), and dom let my dad drive their car.

added on june 17:
nme photographer: http://www.nme.com/blog/index.php?blog=45&m=20070617
check out the new guitar. RED AND GLITTERY I LOVE IT

day two setlist and links to muselive/microcuts forum threads for the gig


dom’s trousers: http://community.livejournal.com/musewhores/142963.html