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i want a vocoder, and a whatever-it-is that enables live-looping (laptop connected to footpedals?), and a sparkly box full of electronic equipment shaped like a piano

edit to add: http://www.imogenheap.com
actually forget it i’ll just link to the blog post this picture is from anyway even though her webpeople want you to only access her blog from within her frames: http://www.imogenheap.co.uk/iblog/2006/10/flight-no-ai-111.html i’m so subversive

on saturday, suz brought me to a football game. it was fun. we won. http://calbears.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/recaps/110406aab.html
i like being part of a stadiumful of mass adulation. football is pretty boring–thus you have commentators to amuse you if you’re at home watching it by yourself, or if you’re there you bring friends and chat away, and follow the directions of the stout people on the field holding up signs that say “NOISE” and hoot and cheer. ucla’s support entourage included two cheerleading sections (one like ours–all women with poms and skirts, and the other with giant long megaphones, all tumblers, in pants, who did stunts, which we don’t have; i wonder if they still call them song and cheer), a juggler that ran around in front of their band, a 10 or 12 piece colorguard as part of their band formation thingy, and four people to carry flags that spelled out UCLA. whenever they scored, those four flag carriers ran across their endzone and then the tumblers would roundoff handspring backflip across. suzanne even saw a whip (which is like a backflip in that your hands don’t touch the ground but not in that you go lateral (like a handspring) instead of vertical). so once when we scored, people from our band ran down to our endzone, and then all the way up the side of the field to their endzone, where they flopped around and threw themselves on the ground to make fun of them. that was amusing.
how does the student section do that holding-up-pieces-of-colorful-paper thing at halftime? it’s so speedy, and so perfect! someone said they call out numbers.
marching bands are really boring if you don’t know the songs (and if you can hear them at all in the first place, which we couldn’t). even though their formations are so cool.
once the people manning the net on our endzone couldn’t get it up in time for a field goal so people in the stands far below us caught a football.
at one point we got a touchdown, and amidst the cheering people slowly realized there were two down on the other side of the field, one from each side. the cal one got up eventually and was ok. the ucla one got up, started jogging, and fell down again. that was a little worrisome but he got up after a while and slowly moved off the field, too.
there were some pretty exciting touchdowns where the carrier saw an opening and went straight through it, snapping around in circles to shake off defenders.
the alumni section tried to start a wave but it failed after six or so really pathetic go-rounds and then ucla scored. that was a low point in the experience.
suz and mike made delicious chai (because they had it a lot in india and missed it after coming home) and brought it in a thermos.

the three of us ate at cancun and then we learned that if it’s 10:30pm and you’re slightly bored and want something to do but are pretty tired, don’t play seafarers. but it was fun anyway; they’d never played seafarers (but love settlers) and as an added bonus we played the “discover unknown lands as you build ships” version. i mercilessly cut off suzanne’s quest for the gold hex at the end with my glorious great wall of judy, racking up 10/12 points… but development cards led the way to suz’s victory soon after, despite/because of her lack of wood the entire game. three victory point cards and largest army!

i’m too sensitive to watch borat for long. i don’t do well with abrasion

FANTASTIC KoC with a REAL LIVE TRUMPETER on some bbc show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvfvF_JTva8
knights is gonna be the next single that comes out in the UK, and rumors are that an extended version of assassin’s gonna be a bside. which means DEBASE MASON’S GROG?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!? ZOMG?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! god that dmg riff is so good
[edit nov 7: nope. there’s only going to be some edit of assassin on the vinyl; the cd is going to have knights and a live performance of supermassive. bah!!!!]

apparently starlight is a “radio single” in the US right now? i’m going to learn about calling in requests. i’ve never called a radio station before save that one time in 7th grade when anna told me to becuase she’d won something from them the week before (i didn’t win anything). i can dedicate it to ryan even though he won’t hear it because he is far away. chasing starlight. until the end of his life. IIII JUST WANTED TO HOOOOOOOOLD

Then a great beauty was revealed in him, so that all who after came there looked on him in wonder; for they saw that the grace of his youth, and the valour of his manhood, and the wisdom and majesty of his age were blended together. And long there he lay, an image of the splendour of the Kings of Men in glory undimmed before the breaking of the world.

that’s my favorite phrase. god, it just breaks your heart. it’s from appendix A(v), the tale of aragorn and arwen, and i’m glad they worked it into the movie, even if it was a fake scene between elrond and his daughter. i think i’ve only seen the movie once, and before i read the book, but that’s a moment that popped out and i was so happy to see the unforgettable phrase in the appendix

i really love fantasy and period things and long mantles of blue and silver set with stars along the hem and collar made for faramir’s mother, an emblem of beauty and grace and first grief for she died young, even though i don’t really even know what mantles are (are they capes? cloaks? robes?). i have a cloak! it’s black and thick and has a (fake) furry collar. my mom got it for me for proms. i should totally bring it up and wear it around

decorating walls

http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/ is pretty neat and easy to use, though a rather prodigal use of trees and ink. be that as it may, i would love to cover an entire wall with something. the pope that started it all is pretty awesome. maybe a studio ghibli image, or the warcraft iii night elf, or a warm sunny beach, or a waterfall, or an image of lorien1 from the lotr movies, a montage of all my friends, or muse. all of you know that this list is merely posturing and that really it’ll be muse or the night elf. or one of each. if i can get my computer to talk to my printer again.

1i read the hobbit in ninth grade. i have owned lotr since last year or so (unfortunately the box set i got used in pristine condition and really cheaply at shakespeare and co has images from the movie on its covers, but not on the outside of the box; i was tricked! it makes me feel lame to have images from the movie upon the book–or do i really feel lame? no, i actually don’t; i only worry that i ought to feel more lame than i do) and hadn’t read past tom bombadil until now. i just finished the two towers. lorien is my favorite place; edoras is a close second. as expected. i’m sure they’re everyone’s favorites. eowyn’s my favorite, for she is fair and cold. i overuse semicolons and dashes–perhaps i even misuse them.

master makes villians in his book and calls them squint-eyed, yes. orcses and nasty things. you know they are nasty because they are squint-eyed. bad men have dark skin and braided black hair, they do. good men and elves are fairer and fairer. we loves master, we likes his work, yes we do, but we also loves our black hair and brownish skin and our precious squinty eyes. is it really master’s fault? embedded in the language it is; even the word fair means two things, we musn’t forget. no, it is just his environment perhaps. or is it? loathsome tricksy masterses. we hates him. we puts elements of yoda into our bad imitation of gollum-speaks. poor precious! poor squinty precious! Judy hugged herself and rocked back and forth. Sam looked at the creature with disgust. “Oh, come off it,” he said. “My old Gaffer would have a piece to say about you, he would!”

elrond has black hair eh?

controversy over buffing up blood elven males. comments to posts like these are always fun to wade through because there’s so much insulting that goes on. “get over it loser, sexism is everywhere and you won’t get anything by whining about it” “if you want to play video games, learn to get along with boys or don’t play” hahahahahahaha. i’m among the legions of girls sad about this, but obviously what we’re getting all riled up about is the idea, the attitude rather than the actual model change (it’s not thaaaat bad. i prefer the old more, far more, but the new is no human male /rolleyes). they ditzed up night elven females (in war iii they were more serious and statuesque, solemn warriors stalking through the shadows; in wow they gave them that cheerleader dance and silly voice emotes, which i think is okay because it’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, parodical) and that’s socially acceptable (though i’m annoyed that it’s what people think night elves are really like now). but they ditz up males and apparently instantly regret it; there’s talk of changing the be male emotes (rumors say they’ve already removed “i need a scrunchie”)

i have a constant very slow drip from my nose. i am not sure which is better: feeling like shit because your nose is dry and irritated and cracking from tissue, or feeling like shit because you got the special kind of tissue with lotion in it so as to prevent your skin from getting irritated thusly causing your entire face and hands and everything you touch to be covered in a pervasive film of oil. even after you wash your hands.

i am not in a good place. wow.