I have laughed and cried.

The Eudemonia info address gets a lot of spam.

Subject: misrecognize

Are you a freequent visitor of reetail sooftware stores?
We know what you’re overpayying for:
– box manufacturingg

– CD
– salespperson salary
– Reent of shop spacce
– Year-to-yearr incrreasing taxes in your countrry
Well, what for ?! You’re able to downloaad eeverything legally NOW!
Faabulous range of sooftware and LOW prices will make you smile and save your money! Welcome to —link edited out—-

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of dispraise, as also these two shagreens, sir, there is
a difference strength they have lost in its industries.
it therefore, i do not resent thy words. Thou thinkest on
which the phrase project gutenberg appears, was paying no
attention to her he had walked rapidly it was fond of. Beholding
saktri thus slain and and deference which is ever due from
a member his breast, and momentarily going about in a frightful
alive at daybreak! Dammy, sir! Cried sir lupus, the centuries
over again, springing up between for a drop or two of rain
had fallen Nonsense, that he said to you. I have laughed
and cried.

Notice: your eyes skip and hop over the double letters inserted into random words to fool spam-checkers. Surely this is documented somewhere and says something about the way our brains process language and is worth more than its utilization here as just another spam tactic.

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