social networking for WoW characters

i’m going to lose 1475619476095787 hours of my life.

it’s incredibly detailed. for people, it’s just like a regular social networking site. for characters, it’s a regular social networking site with the ability to friend other characters, PLUS it tracks arena games, bg performance (kills and such), /played time, and even has a blog that you can update from INSIDE wow, on top of all the regular stuff pulled straight from the armory (gear, spec, rep, etc). for guilds, it has PROGRESSION TRACKING, and even TIMING for clears of raid instances. it’s fucking ridiculous. and everything is ranked so you can see who’s the most progressed and all that.

and there’s a downloadable chat client that automatically puts you in rooms for your guild, server, and BATTLEGROUP, and an addon that tracks boss kills and such. RIDICULOUS

and i thought was cool beyond comprehension. damn.

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