blizzcon 07

all photos here: everyone in the guild that went: my guildmates are awesome. it was great. watching starcraft tournaments is so much fun. i really wanted nalra to win cuz savior’s so full of himself, but alas. really loved the sound and music panel and the concert, oh, the video games live concert, i… Continue reading blizzcon 07

social networking for WoW characters i’m going to lose 1475619476095787 hours of my life. it’s incredibly detailed. for people, it’s just like a regular social networking site. for characters, it’s a regular social networking site with the ability to friend other characters, PLUS it tracks arena games, bg performance (kills and such), /played time, and even has a… Continue reading social networking for WoW characters

objective of world pvp: a zone-wide buff plaguelands (complete with flight paths between towers in the zone), silithus buff will even hit people inside instances– AQ/strat i was imagining that the objective to “objective-based pvp” would be something like a graveyard, but i guess a zone-wide buff would make sense. it would motivate more people to do participate… maybe. the reverse… Continue reading objective of world pvp: a zone-wide buff