directdk, my illustrious many-statued fast-syllabled roommate, has a new website. Please visit it as it is glorious and he spends many hours toiling on it and caring for his beloveds and I can only marvel in uncomprehending fascination. http://www.berserkstatues.com … If you need clarification, Berserk is the title of a grandiose, bloody, heart-wrenching, bloody, violent, bloody, far-reaching in topics and philosophy, bloody, and bloody manga, set in some ancient time of melee combat, huge swords, knights, corrupt kings, and troupes of bandits. Er, maybe I am giving you the wrong idea, I don’t really know how to describe Berserk. Of course, if you want to know about other things in Derek-world, there is smash, and there is also him and ill_reflectz‘s http://www.magnetichiphop.com … I sing on their upcoming album! So do many other more interesting people. One that plays a really cool Vietnamese instrument does not sing the lyrics “So in love, I give my hat to you. I tell a lie to my mom: I crossed the bridge, wind wind wind blew my hat away, wind wind wind blew my hat away. So in love, I give my bra to you…” in that she sang them but alas they will not be included. Um. Yes that was not that important to write out but I did anyway. What else?

rwclark has a new literature blog!!! http://bookomaru.blogspot.com is where you can find it. Ryan is smart and articulate. Yay for things to put on my links list! Haha.

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