decorating walls is pretty neat and easy to use, though a rather prodigal use of trees and ink. be that as it may, i would love to cover an entire wall with something. the pope that started it all is pretty awesome. maybe a studio ghibli image, or the warcraft iii night elf, or a warm sunny beach, or a waterfall, or an image of lorien1 from the lotr movies, a montage of all my friends, or muse. all of you know that this list is merely posturing and that really it’ll be muse or the night elf. or one of each. if i can get my computer to talk to my printer again.

1i read the hobbit in ninth grade. i have owned lotr since last year or so (unfortunately the box set i got used in pristine condition and really cheaply at shakespeare and co has images from the movie on its covers, but not on the outside of the box; i was tricked! it makes me feel lame to have images from the movie upon the book–or do i really feel lame? no, i actually don’t; i only worry that i ought to feel more lame than i do) and hadn’t read past tom bombadil until now. i just finished the two towers. lorien is my favorite place; edoras is a close second. as expected. i’m sure they’re everyone’s favorites. eowyn’s my favorite, for she is fair and cold. i overuse semicolons and dashes–perhaps i even misuse them.

master makes villians in his book and calls them squint-eyed, yes. orcses and nasty things. you know they are nasty because they are squint-eyed. bad men have dark skin and braided black hair, they do. good men and elves are fairer and fairer. we loves master, we likes his work, yes we do, but we also loves our black hair and brownish skin and our precious squinty eyes. is it really master’s fault? embedded in the language it is; even the word fair means two things, we musn’t forget. no, it is just his environment perhaps. or is it? loathsome tricksy masterses. we hates him. we puts elements of yoda into our bad imitation of gollum-speaks. poor precious! poor squinty precious! Judy hugged herself and rocked back and forth. Sam looked at the creature with disgust. “Oh, come off it,” he said. “My old Gaffer would have a piece to say about you, he would!”

elrond has black hair eh?

controversy over buffing up blood elven males. comments to posts like these are always fun to wade through because there’s so much insulting that goes on. “get over it loser, sexism is everywhere and you won’t get anything by whining about it” “if you want to play video games, learn to get along with boys or don’t play” hahahahahahaha. i’m among the legions of girls sad about this, but obviously what we’re getting all riled up about is the idea, the attitude rather than the actual model change (it’s not thaaaat bad. i prefer the old more, far more, but the new is no human male /rolleyes). they ditzed up night elven females (in war iii they were more serious and statuesque, solemn warriors stalking through the shadows; in wow they gave them that cheerleader dance and silly voice emotes, which i think is okay because it’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, parodical) and that’s socially acceptable (though i’m annoyed that it’s what people think night elves are really like now). but they ditz up males and apparently instantly regret it; there’s talk of changing the be male emotes (rumors say they’ve already removed “i need a scrunchie”)

i have a constant very slow drip from my nose. i am not sure which is better: feeling like shit because your nose is dry and irritated and cracking from tissue, or feeling like shit because you got the special kind of tissue with lotion in it so as to prevent your skin from getting irritated thusly causing your entire face and hands and everything you touch to be covered in a pervasive film of oil. even after you wash your hands.

i am not in a good place. wow.


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