oh, the places i’ve been

I went to Mexico. I started a new job. I have still been to every Blizzcon there has ever been–seven since 2005. The statues felt like old friends. Hearthstone, WCS finals, and blink 182. I went to Big Sur.

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I’m home! I’m very very very happy to be back =D My mom and brother drove me back to my sf apartment from the airport. I’m super grateful, since I brought home a bunch of stuff (including a very Dutch bag for my bicycle from Hema!), and my bags were heavy. Stroopwafels have been a… Continue reading Home!

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crunch time

Ally and I ate a lot of falafel on Leidseplein last night at this awesome salad bar, then barhopped all night. I really love this area just south of Leidseplein. And it was an accident–we had found a cheap Best Western here. I’m pretty behind on blogging! The livenation.nl website didn’t take american credit cards,… Continue reading crunch time


Rented this at: Amsterdamse Fietswinkel Postjesweg 106bg 1057 EG Amsterdam, Netherlands 020 7371185 amsterdamsefietswinkel.nl‎ (and on g+ haha) =D

This library is beautiful

I had a totally uneventful flight (hooray!). I watched Life of Pi (Ang Lee! Also I loved the book when I devoured it, years ago, wrapped in bed and wracked with doubt, adrift in my own sea of turmoil) and then, immediately, Les Mis, which is such a stupid story I could barely stand it.… Continue reading This library is beautiful

Enroute to Amsterdam!

Here I am, in Houston! One day I will sit down and figure out a process of getting pictures from my phone onto Something That Is Convenient For Display On Mah Blaugh and then I will be able to easily post this picture I just took of a bronze statue of George HW Bush in… Continue reading Enroute to Amsterdam!

the world is small and awesome

The list of blog posts I owe myself includes and is not limited to: guy kawasaki lean startup conf (& the notes i took that are on Blazing Cloud’s blog now) organizing a railsbridge buying an erhu and a cajòn skydiving over xmas break epic music party at our house on nye ouya – blazing… Continue reading the world is small and awesome

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Field games

Yesterday there was an archery party at Redwood Bowmen, and Neal asked Spot the Octopus to sing at the event. He had asked us to sing for a similar party around this time last year, and that’s when we all got into archery. We sang a fun set and the crowd seemed really entertained! Squirrel… Continue reading Field games