Enroute to Amsterdam!

Here I am, in Houston! One day I will sit down and figure out a process of getting pictures from my phone onto Something That Is Convenient For Display On Mah Blaugh and then I will be able to easily post this picture I just took of a bronze statue of George HW Bush in the Houston airport, but for now, words must suffice.

Why am I going to Amsterdam?
– I got a talk accepted to the Dutch Mobile Conference! I will be speaking about Three.js as a developing way to display 3d graphics on a phone.
– I arranged my travel such that I would be able to attend the Wikipedia Hackathon in Amsterdam!!!
– There happens to be a Muse concert while I’ll be there!
– Maybe I’ll take the train to Paris or something!

Yesterday morning, I made it onto my plane for my 8:50am flight out of SFO and to Houston, where I was supposed to make a connection to Amsterdam, but there was a mechanical failure, so we all had to deplane. We all got on another plane three hours later. United Airlines put me up in this Holiday Inn in Houston for a night. I’m bound for the Houston airport again now to get on a new flight to AMS!

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