Exhaustive “Tiger Mother” Coverage

Amy Chua’s WSJ article made everyone hate her. The topic has exploded all over my Facebook and elsewhere, since I am also an ABC. Here is a list of retorts and comments from all over Teh Intarwebz. Original WSJ article lore.interi.org discussion by us quora.com comments, including one by Christine Lu about her sister who… Continue reading Exhaustive “Tiger Mother” Coverage


After maiki wrote about Lullatone, I got Songs that Spin in Circles because I am trying to relax. I like it. =) I’ll probably get Looping Lullabies next. I like the pure instrumentals more than the ones with vocals, even if they are background-level. I particularly like “Tops on a Table”, because it’s got this… Continue reading Lullatone

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thanksgiving 2010

Today, I visited Dilworth, my old elementary school. I went there K-6. This used to be my favorite thing to do. It’s been a really long time. Here we have the map we used for States tag. Wheee! Lying on the grass at nearby Rainbow Park, earlier in the day.


Here I am in Seattle. I twisted my knee getting into my seat on the plane (ha ha) so I hobbled around yesterday in one of Jenny’s many flavors of knee brace. I followed her to school one day, school one day, school one day, baaa, I’m a little lamb. Uh. Ahem. She had class… Continue reading Untitled