lots of new things

Exciting times!

Double Union is thriving! Teacups, tables, books organized by category, drawers for power tools, beginnings of a soldering station, a/v setup, warm, welcoming, inclusive community–it’s like some kind of dream come true. We’ve grown so fast that we’re pausing applications for a little while to get everyone ramped up. If you want to check out the space, there are a ton of events coming up!

Indiegogo is doing pretty great! A few Wednesdays ago, I went to a career fair at Berkeley for Indiegogo. It’s a trip to be on the other side of the booth. We got lots of interest from students, and they asked some good questions. We had our quarterly all-hands meeting last last week, too–my second, and the company’s 13th. It was awesome. We also have new guitars, and sometimes jam on Wednesdays. Maybe one of these days I’ll bring in my cajon, which I… still don’t know how to play.

Happy lunar new year! My family took it pretty easy–we checked out a restaurant that specializes in food from shan3xi1, the province my dad’s dad is from. My dad says that his dad used to eat this certain kind of soup where instead of noodles, you use the dough that you would use to make man2tou2, and it kind of dissolves and makes little bits in the broth. I’d never had it before. I can’t find the restaurant on yelp–it was in the pacific rim shopping center. Tin tin is “permanently closed” according to google maps. wat?

Facebook Paper launched. It’s exquisitely beautiful. Kimon’s been working on it for the last year and a half, and on some incarnation of it for four. We’re all really proud of their team!

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