I am eating Nutella by the spoonful.


      1. What is your favorite kind of bread? I like the nutty ones like http://www.target.com/p/oroweat-24-oz-12-grain-bread/-/A-12935758 … right now I have a Safeway 8-grain one. It seems to fall apart more easily than the last kind I got, which I think was an oroweat loaf.


        I also got this set of modular food containers because it was on an aisle shelf and I’m a chump who got totally sucked in by this fantasy of bringing sandwiches to work. Also because they remind me of legos. Unfortunately they don’t all fit in my blizzcon lunch box.

          1. If you look at that site, you will see that they closed a month ago.

            And that their second to last post was made a year before.

            Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

            But there are lots of options for bread, and if you lived in SF, I would try the mail. ^_^

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