I’m home! I’m very very very happy to be back =D My mom and brother drove me back to my sf apartment from the airport. I’m super grateful, since I brought home a bunch of stuff (including a very Dutch bag for my bicycle from Hema!), and my bags were heavy. Stroopwafels have been a pretty much unilateral hit. Brought home a bunch of drop for Dominique. It doesn’t seem like food, but all Dutch people love it. Now I’ve got to unpack and sort through A BILLION pictures, including an impossibly large amount of photos I took of clouds on the flight from AMS to Houston.

I think most people don’t know how much I love clouds!

Life is fun.

I got some nice comments on my talk!!!!

The most enthusiastic speaker in DPC13 and DMC13, which made me more enthusiastic about the subject. Very fun and interesting talk, with very good examples to get started.

Definitely going to use Three.js to build red cubes now.



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