insomnia again!

yeah yeah yeah i tried to go to sleep two hours ago yeah yeah yeah… same old story =) joan is sitting there on her bed, her laptop on her lap, typing away, listening to “i gotta get to know ya” with her headphones on her head. except she’s not listning to this song thru… Continue reading insomnia again!

freakin a!!!!!!!

DUDE! it’s 7:16am!!!!!!!!! i went to bed 2.5 hours ago and couldn’t sleep at all! maybe that’s because i woke up at 5pm today. um, yesterday. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?!!!! I NEED PSYCHIATRIC HELP! i perform on sproul at 12…. MUST… STAY … AWAKE… AT ALL COSTS…….

i love this man’s voice

this song makes me cry edwin mccain – i’ll be the strands in your eyes taht color them wonderful stop me, steal my breath and emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky never revealing their depth and TELL MEE that we belong together dress it up with the trappings of love i’ll be captivated i’ll… Continue reading i love this man’s voice

me me me. i’m always complaining about myself.

sometimes i worry that i don’t hate anybody passionately. as a guard against that ever happening, and against anybody ever hating me passionately, i’m unconciously cautious about getting too close to anybody. if i never get too close, too passionately close, then i will never have huge blowout fights, and i will never be used… Continue reading me me me. i’m always complaining about myself.

big oops

tuna: who says i gotta get married grachay: me….so i can play with your kids hs1ao: why cant grace play with your kids? its not like shes a pedophile GX Archangel: no marriage for you? …you know you aren’t helping with the silicon valley’s official “singlesville” of the U.S. status Funn 404: make grace play… Continue reading big oops

red and white sweater-jacket

so i went shopping with shirley today before the u chorus concert (which went very well. i enjoy u chorus so much) wet seal! it’s soft, it has buttons, a belt, a hood, two pockets. it’s white and red yarn. it’s long and it’s very comfy. i’ve never owned a sweater-jacket, or a nice long… Continue reading red and white sweater-jacket

fumbling with eigenshit

so, another 4:30am post! last night/morning at this time, joan and i went upstairs to the roof and hung out for a while. in the rain. there are no overhangs up there either; we stood by a wall and clung to its 6 inches of shelter, watching the droplets bombard the empty lighted streets below.… Continue reading fumbling with eigenshit