insomnia again!

yeah yeah yeah i tried to go to sleep two hours ago yeah yeah yeah… same old story =)

joan is sitting there on her bed, her laptop on her lap, typing away, listening to “i gotta get to know ya” with her headphones on her head. except she’s not listning to this song thru her headphones. she’s letting me hear it too (her laptop speakers are considerably better than mine) and she forgot to take em off of her head… fuckin hilarious =)

i think i might be slightly lactose intolerant. i be gettin the RUNS man, and BAD. so, to find out if i’m really lactose intolerant, i’m drinking milk for a week and seeing if it lasts. maybe my body will spontaneously remember how to decompose lactate, and then all will be well. i love drinking milk!!!!

i’m the kinda girl that hangs w/ the guys
like a fly on the wall w/ my secret eyes
takin it in, try to be feminine
w/ my makeup bag watchin all the sin
misfit, i sit
lit up, wicked
everybody else surrounded by the girls
with the tank tops and the flirty ways

i’m just sippin on chamomile
watchin boys and girls and their sex appeal
with a stranger in the face who says he knows my mom
and went to myyy hiiiigh schoooooool…
(all the boys say) HEY BABY HEY BABY HEY!
(girls say, girls say) HEY BABY HEY BABY HEY!
all the boys get the girls in the back…
(yay no doubt!)

hehe i like that song!

i went to project P tonight! that’s an annual fundraiser thing that the philipino community here is puts on every year (haha hence it’s annual… redundant much?)… it was in wheeler. MY ROOMMATE STEPH SANG REFLECTION!!! christina-style! yeah it was so good! and we could observe the boy band phenomenon in action: there was a band called the mango kings who were really cute as a whole, and the octet did their bob marley medley and lady marmalade and made everybody absolutely beside themselves… (and the guy that jenny and i call “gorgeous singing boy” is really really gorgeous) hahahaaa. haaahahahaha. BOYS THAT SING! BOYS WITH GUITARS! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *fawning noises*

hahaaaa judy is HYPER. drinking hot milk (becuase mrs. skjerven in 7th grade core said that calcium makes you sleepy) and eating quacker toasted oatmeal squares. they’re yummy.

i think i’m going to be on academic probation next year. not that i really care, which kind of worries me, not that i’m worried. i don’t know! whatever! i’m sleepy and i can’t sleep!

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