i wish i had remembered the formula for heat equation

grachay (9:51:23 PM): i love you judy
grachay (9:51:28 PM): you provide me with constant weirdness

now see this is coming from the crazy who says later that

grachay (10:02:03 PM): dude cs turns me on
grachay (10:02:23 PM): i think i have split personalities
grachay (10:02:36 PM): i’m tri-polar
grachay (10:02:45 PM): like my mouth has a mind of its own
grachay (10:02:49 PM): my brain does some work…
grachay (10:03:00 PM): and then my fingers have this crazy mind too….they’re geniuses

dude YOU provide ME with constant weirdness. i thank and love you for that.

grachay (10:28:04 PM): dude
grachay (10:28:10 PM): i have to be careful when chatting with you

oops sorry.


in other news:
juddie t u n a (10:16:52 PM): how did hist.ling. treat you?
Funn 404 (10:21:24 PM): i bitch slapped it up and down the room
Funn 404 (10:21:30 PM): 😉
juddie t u n a (10:25:08 PM): i GOT bitch slapped up and down the room
Funn 404 (10:25:30 PM): was he cute

anyway i thought that was funny too. anyway to be not funny for a very brief moment, i skipped at least 5 of 12 questions on the math 54 final… ehh wahtever. i should have just stuck it out last year! i didn’t to much better this semester, the second time around. i should have done better! i should have studied. yadda yadda yadda. shoulda this, shoulda that. oh well. now i am going to think about topics to write about for the “short essays” part of tomorrow morning’s english 45b final. WAHOOOOOO

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