i should disconnect my ethernet cable

if i did that, then i wouldn’t be on AIM so fucking much. well i woudln’t be on AIM at all. who really needs to be on AIM? if someone wants to talk to me, they should just call me. or email me. whatever. it’s so bad, i can’t not be on AIM because i feel all lonely, especially at 4am. i like to see that everybody else is still awake, even though i haven’t talked to them or seen them for like a year, in person, on AIM, or otherwise. that’s another thing, i can’t delete people from my AIM list… every time i meet someone new i have to ponder and torture myself over who to delete so i can add this new person. actually who really needs a phone? i can write letters. or if i really wanted to contact someone why can’t i just “call on them” a la evelina? bla bla bla. i’m sick and tired of thinking about people and worrying about how to keep them happy, and worrying about how they haven’t been keeping me happy, bla bla bla. communication is stupid. “communicate any way any how” i’m going to go listen to crash and burn now and try to make myself happier.

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