live at luther college is a very good cd (actually, it’s 2!)

yeah dave matthews!

juddie t u n a (4:36:47 AM): justin tell me something: how do you get up in the mornings
juddie t u n a (4:36:56 AM): because i can’t
juddie t u n a (4:36:58 AM): i need some tips
vtec408 (4:37:04 AM): be motivated
juddie t u n a (4:50:57 AM): that’s a start
vtec408 (4:54:00 AM): that helps me
vtec408 (4:54:04 AM): or set goals that you must do
vtec408 (4:54:10 AM): like..i gotta get up because i need to _____

ok. i wanted to go back to normal. tuesday night i stayed up all night so that wednesday night i would have a good NIGHT’s sleep. i did. and now it’s friday and past 5am. some good that did.

thai basil – basil fried rice. yes chicken, no spicy. very good. j’aime.

decadence performed at movement tonight. it was fun. they loved super mario. carl (emcee) said that he had hoped we’d do intergalactic. haha. =) i wish i could have seen angela perform!

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