big oops

tuna: who says i gotta get married
grachay: me….so i can play with your kids

hs1ao: why cant grace play with your kids? its not like shes a pedophile
GX Archangel: no marriage for you? …you know you aren’t helping with the silicon valley’s official “singlesville” of the U.S. status
Funn 404: make grace play with her own kids
armanixentrix: so u don’t wanna get married too? =D
be11boy: “my advice is to get married… or you’ll become a philosopher” -socrates

that was in my profile. it was too classic to give up. i had to archive it somewhere. i’m a big dork.

i lost joan’s cell today. watching the meteor shower. i shoudl have just been satisfied with going to my rooftop.

i’m going to climb up that mountain hill we went up to just now tomorrow when there’s light and look for it. i turned it off too.

i’m bummed.

aba banquet was last night, it was a lot of fun. i’m officially boy-crazy, yeah, so what else is new. i’m glad i went last night. i’m not so glad i went tonight to watch meteors.

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