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Hacking Health

I’m at the UC Berkeley Hacking Health hackathon! Friday-Saturday. Pitches are at 6pm tonight.

Fritz and I are making an iOS app to help parents log seizures. I would also like it to log all kinds of events: medication (and it’ll alert you when it’s time to take your next one), eating, pooping, sleeping, developmental stories…

Last night, BodyMedia and Mashery were here doing a demo of the BodyMedia API, and giving out devices to developers. They’re offering a prize for a hack that uses the device! It’s hilarious because I just started wearing a BodyMedia device last week and had no idea they’d be here. CONNECTIONS

We’re at the top of the Chase building, which I’ve walked by many, many, many times but have never been in. Gorgeous views all around. There’s a UC Berkeley startup incubator up here, which they tell me is pretty new.

I want to show you all my pictures of our ideation (lol that word) whiteboard, and of the view from the Skydeck, but I need a better way to get photos off my phone and onto WordPress. (Hi maiki, android, and owncloud!) Right now I either email my photos (can only do them individually) which sucks, or I wait for the dropbox import (I have to plug my phone in to my computer and wait, and wait, and wait) … for some reason my iPhone doesn’t show up as a hard drive on either my PC or Mac so I can’t just grab the photos. I could load up PhotoViewer or GrabPhoto or the thing that isn’t iPhoto on my Mac and wait and wait and wait for it to sync, and then scroll all the way to the bottom, and then select the ones I want to import, and then wait for the import, but I use the Dropbox feature because it automatically imports just the ones that haven’t been imported yet without me having to look through it. Garrrr it shouldn’t be this hard

The table next to us is doing a kinect hack! This makes me really happy! There’s also another group I’ve spoken to examining asthma and comorbidity. DATA SYNTHESIS IS EVERYWHERE

Wikipedia SF Hackathon! BERLIN HO!!!

I went to the Wikipedia SF Hackathon this weekend at Parisoma! Neil and I coded a phone gateway for the English Wikipedia on Twilio. You send it a text with your search query (like “Barak Obama” or “Seattle”) and it calls you back in a few seconds and reads you the entire text of the article. =D

CODE: https://github.com/judytuna/SMS-Wikipedia — it calls the Twilio API, in Ruby, using Sinatra, hosted on Heroku. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this if Twilio (the amazing Sasha is the best developer evangelist ever), Ruby (sfruby.info like woah), and Heroku (who sponsored one of my early wwcode-rails meetups, and also sponsors Blazing Cloud sponsorships!) didn’t have the community presence that they do. Seriously, I can’t believe I get to live in San Francisco where all of this is happening RIGHT NOW. Look at this technology! Look at what it’s enabling us to do!

Romy wrote super-comprehensive notes on our product and process and drew pictures here: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/San_Francisco_Hackathon_January_2012/Teams#Wikipedia_SMS_.2B_IVR_on_Twilio

On Thursday, I had gotten an email urging us to check out the project ideas, and came up with the SMS gateway idea and added it to the project page.

Why did I want to do this so badly?

  • I didn’t have a smartphone until December and always wished I could look stuff up on Wikipedia when I wasn’t near a computer.
  • When we get phone tree stuff working, this could be used by illiterate or blind people.
  • In areas where access to tech is low but phones (not smartphones) are ubiquitous, this could be a way for people to look stuff up on wikipedia. This is mind-blowing.

It was an amazing experience and I learned so much from Neil and our team won first place!!!!!! The prize: flight and hotel to another wikimedia hackathon. The next one will be in Berlin in May!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve never been to Berlin! I’ve been to Europe once–London and York, with my high school choir, in 2000.

We have lots of ideas for the next steps of this app. I am considering setting up a kickstarter (as long as it’s okay with the wikimedia foundation??) to pay twilio for the app (actually I have no idea about this…)… It’s still in the “twilio sandbox” for now so I can’t show it to you yet (because your number has to be a “verified number” for MY twilio account in order for it to call you back I think). But I’m about to put my credit card info in so I’ll be able to show it off to the world soon.

The app definitely works =)

At the Hackathon, I REALLY enjoyed the PhoneGap demo. Tomasz and Yuvi showed us the Wikipedia app that they just pushed to the Android store last week, and guided us through adding a menu item. js! css! wow!!! I think the tutorial that they used would be ideal for a Railsbridge-style workshop (it starts with “how to get stuff installed” and it was surprisingly fast and easy).

So PhoneGapBridge is incoming. I’ll plan it 2 weeks off of a Railsbridge. =D

I’m learning so much. I met so many amazing, amazing people. I got interviewed by Wikimedia Foundation Storyteller Victor–how cool is his job title? I got my picture taken with leaves. I told him that I had serious class issues and loved online communities and want everyone to have access to information and nothing scares me more than loss of free speech and was generally completely incoherent but I kept banging on my knees the whole time because of HOW EXCITED I AM.

Judy with Leaves
I am a dork

I wondered where I’d seen Toki Wartooth Brandon and then realized this morning that it was the fundraising banners! I basically couldn’t believe I was there all weekend. They’re right here in San Francisco!

I told everybody who would listen about Lukas and Elsa’s Occupedia, which is an initiative to create meetups that encourage underrepresented groups to contribute to wikipedia. Lukas wrote about the first event and I showed everybody haha.

I fucking love wikipedia. I love the wikimedia foundation. I want more. I was talking to Daniel from Germany, who said “I want to see a separate mobile app for a different set of users — the ones that spend a lot of their idle time patrolling new edits. There should be an app that lets them to it easily at the bus stop.” PHONEGAP HOOOOOOOOO

Sumanah was amazing and kept things going and was crazy and enthusiastic and welcoming. I met Leslie, a network engineer, who knew someone else that I knew from Railsbridge. I talked to Danielle (women in tech!), Elizabeth (Android!), and Rosemarie (who I’d met at wwcode-rails!). Phil asked me how I was going to pay Twilio for it D: I learned about Microsoft’s bridges with open source from Ben and Doug and it was fascinating and I tried asking them about openkinect/k4w, but their department doesn’t interface with xbox stuff =) I met Rupa of CodeChix and there are machinations afoot.

AAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!