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25 Minutes To Surrender: episode 8 progress report

I’m helping Jamal at Eudemonia with a League of Legends fan podcast! It’s called 25 Minutes To Surrender and it’s tons of fun. Jamal is doing a great job of pulling everyone together (read: lighting fires under our butts) and generating show content. Our other regular cast members are Aaron, Will T, Razvan, Greg, Chi, and Kyle F.

Every week, we go over the free champions, picking a few and highlighting their current metagame viability. We move on to many varied topics of interest to new players all the way up to experienced ones. In the past couple of episodes, we’ve covered drafting/teambuilding/countering strategies, items, silly things like new skins, jungling strategies and champions…

Every other week, we have a special guest on the show. Faro actually came to the store and hung out; Elementz and RiotPhreak called into the show via Skype. These interviews are tons of fun. I learn a LOT… a lot a lot a lot. Phreak gave us some leaks too, and insight on how Riot does balancing and is committed to e-sports and such.

Someone that is not me posted about us on reddit already, commending our sound quality. This makes me happy in the pants.

I also just posted 25MTS to teamliquid (the premier english-language starcraft 2 forum) because they just created a subform for league of legends.

We might be able to interview Brackhar, the designer of Anivia, Taric, Janna, and Nidalee. He responded to me on his AMA. His AMA is really great–there are some really good questions and answers.



kinect: day 2

I got it to work! I got both libfreenect and ofxKinect to compile and run. The community has figured out how to get access to the regular video camera, the IR camera for depth, the status LED, and the tilt on the Kinect. No mic access yet, but it’s only a matter of time, I think.

There isn’t much else to do right now, because I haven’t managed to make sense of any of the code. At some point I’d like to magically become a programmer again and make some Kinect apps for fun, but I’m a long way away. For now, here’s some proof that I’ve got it to work =D

ofxKinect is mac-only. It comes with blob detection. It uses darker grey to show if something is closer to the Kinect.

what ofxKinect shows

libfreenect is for mac, windows, and unix. It uses a rainbow of colors to show the topographical map. Very striking. I spent a lot of time staring at myself with my mouth open.

what libfreenect shows