xmarks vs firefox sync (vs google sync?)

I have been using both xmarks and Firefox Sync to keep track of my Firefox bookmarks across different computers, but haphazardly. Last week I noticed my bookmarks weren’t synced. Do I need to choose between them?

  • This blog post from June 2010 is about using both simultaneously. The post goes over how Firefox Sync encrypts the bookmark data before sending to the server (so if the server is compromised, no one can do anything with that data) whereas xmarks does not (so that xmarks can do stuff like recommendations). I confess that I have ACTUALLY USED the recommendations to look for Ruby tutorials. Oh no, I’m justifying data mining!
  • Here’s a thread from March 2011 about xmarks/lastpass vs. google sync. The poster says she uses lastpass for the “log in to all websites” feature.

I never set up xmarks with other browsers, because I don’t use them much (and when I do, it’s to log in to stuff with different user accounts). I never used the “log in at once to everything” feature of lastpass (because I figured it wasn’t “secure”), but I must admit that it sounds attractive, and maybe it isn’t actually any less secure than just typing in all my passwords over and over again every time I open my browser. Any advice?

Maybe I’ll use Chrome with google sync for my LoL podcast logins, and Firefox for personal use. xP


  1. Um, Firefox Sync does bookmarks, passwords, preferences, history and tabs. All encrypted.

    I think that is what you are looking for, ne?

  2. Also, concerning the recommendations, I’ve never had an impression that one service is better than another. I guess it is helpful if people bookmark resources, but I don’t do that, so you won’t be getting my recommendation.

    The #lazyweb tag and people-powered networks are where it’s at! ^_^

  3. Well, I’ve been using xmarks for a long time and then google sync, chrome sync, firefox sync and a few others have popped up as xmarks got bought by lastpass. This leaves me not really knowing where to go. I want to sync across computers and with firefox and chrome. xmarks supports this. I don’t think the others do. Chrome and firefox sync are browser specific.

    Anyone know? Anyone care?

    Too bad xmarks died, it was hot in development of all these features. I do think lastpass is way more userfriendly, but why the hell doesn’t it support bookmark syncing?

    And It would be a stretch to get add-on syncing and profile syncing too….which should be here, but i haven’t seen.

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