Wikipedia SF Hackathon! BERLIN HO!!!

I went to the Wikipedia SF Hackathon this weekend at Parisoma! Neil and I coded a phone gateway for the English Wikipedia on Twilio. You send it a text with your search query (like “Barak Obama” or “Seattle”) and it calls you back in a few seconds and reads you the entire text of the… Continue reading Wikipedia SF Hackathon! BERLIN HO!!!

MUSE: san francisco, april 9, 2007

I don’t know where to start. I’m an extrovert, a word which here means “one who only finds validation through other people who can understand her emotions,” so I’ve exploded all over forums and communities about the concert, but not in my own livejournal yet. You can play “Where’s Judy?” with this picture from club… Continue reading MUSE: san francisco, april 9, 2007


I got home from club 6ix at about 3am. Immigrant played a set of about 5 songs. After a long break, Dom got on stage with equipped with a black ipod nano, Tom, and a big smile, and proceeded to play some songs for us. The front speakers cut out for a while, and Dom… Continue reading Untitled