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introspective at 3am

It’s easier to microblog than to post here. Here, I have to talk in complete sentences, and my strings of words have to make sense. In microblogging, I can just throw my chaff to the wind and watch it sparkle in the wind on the fading sunlight.

I don’t know how I feel about Egypt. How can we exist with our mundane little lives when people are marching across a bridge and embracing their military on the streets?

I am still in the process of moving. I’ve got boxes and boxes of spices saved up over the years, that have come with me through several moves, and I am loath to throw any of them away, but I never cook. And I never cook because I believe that I can’t. They’re so full of potential, though, asking me to put them in some delicious food, waiting patiently for the day I realize that I can do whatever I want.

I just hosted my third GSL finals viewing party at Eudemonia. Barely fewer came to this one (~65ish people) than my last one (~72 people), but this one was MORE AWESOME, for the following reasons:

  • Dean got a second projector.
  • I contacted chromate, the organizer of the epic Toronto theater finals shows, and arranged for the best of my local players to play some showmatches against the best of his local players. I threw together a last-minute small tournament and got local celebs dOpa and HD to play against slayersBekho and combatex. dOpa 2-0ed bekho, and HD 2-1ed combatex after getting some outrageous troll BM out of combatex, which is, after all, what he’s known for.
  • The OSL finals happened to be the same night. OSL is one of the two biggest Brood War tournament series. Beloved BW commentator moletrap rolled in and commented over an OSL stream live for us!! He gets SUPER DUPER excited when he commentates live, so it was SO epic to watch and listen to. Also none of us were expecting an all-kill O.o. We had some technical difficulties at first, but we were able to broadcast his re-stream of the OSL re-stream with his english commentary (and it is automatically recorded as well!), and when I peered at the #s towards the end, he had 707 people tuned in to his stream. =)
  • VTArlock organized an inhouse tournament after the OSL ended… and he went on to win it =)
  • I ordered WAY more pizza this time, and the dude I ordered from at West Coast hooked me up with some deals (10 pies for $99 plus 3 pies for $30 HELLZ YEAH) and each person was allowed to have 4 slices. It ended up being a near-perfect amount of pizza (which isn’t a good thing, because I’d rather not be so close to running out of pizza before everybody gets to it!). Still it was better than last time.

bigLUCC took photos again! Here’s one…


It was a great event, and I’m TOTALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO DOING MORE. WAYYY MORE. And tournaments. And all-night lan parties. AUAUUGHGHGHHG

Also, things are really starting to move on the 25mts front. We may be embarking upon an experimental side project involving videos, and getting better sound equipment. !!! We want to organize epic League of Legends events on the scale of my GSL viewing parties, too. =D

I now live in a house of electrical engineers. The first project I’m really jazzed about will be an 8x8x8 LED cube. Since I am not realistic, and my random number generator is seeded with a unicorn, I will also magically learn how to use all these open libraries for Kinect hacking and I will set up the LED cube as a 3d display for the Kinect. You’ll be able to see yourself represented in the cube. AWWW YEAH DREAM BIG. And we already have all kinds of plans… from shooting guns, to riding horses, to RC airplanes, to BBQs in our nice backyard (seriously it’s amazing) (so is our kitchen)… We have an engineering space set up in the garage and everything. It’s going to be epic living here.

Last night, I watched my first-ever episode of Xena. I loved it.

25 Minutes To Surrender: episode 8 progress report

I’m helping Jamal at Eudemonia with a League of Legends fan podcast! It’s called 25 Minutes To Surrender and it’s tons of fun. Jamal is doing a great job of pulling everyone together (read: lighting fires under our butts) and generating show content. Our other regular cast members are Aaron, Will T, Razvan, Greg, Chi, and Kyle F.

Every week, we go over the free champions, picking a few and highlighting their current metagame viability. We move on to many varied topics of interest to new players all the way up to experienced ones. In the past couple of episodes, we’ve covered drafting/teambuilding/countering strategies, items, silly things like new skins, jungling strategies and champions…

Every other week, we have a special guest on the show. Faro actually came to the store and hung out; Elementz and RiotPhreak called into the show via Skype. These interviews are tons of fun. I learn a LOT… a lot a lot a lot. Phreak gave us some leaks too, and insight on how Riot does balancing and is committed to e-sports and such.

Someone that is not me posted about us on reddit already, commending our sound quality. This makes me happy in the pants.

I also just posted 25MTS to teamliquid (the premier english-language starcraft 2 forum) because they just created a subform for league of legends.

We might be able to interview Brackhar, the designer of Anivia, Taric, Janna, and Nidalee. He responded to me on his AMA. His AMA is really great–there are some really good questions and answers.




i just got home from the eudemonia midnight release of shards of alara, which was a colossal mistake to go to. i even left my digital camera at home this morning for the express purpose of luring myself back home right at 6pm so i could upload the other half of my hawaii pictures. but nooo, at 6pm i watched the vp debate at eudo, then i puttered around and installed the blackshot closed beta, and poked around in shaiya, and got to level 7 on my runepriest in warhammer online, and then it was midnight and the place was packed with excited magic players buzzing about shards of alara, and shards is the first of the next big block, and the last set i was into (lorwyn) was also the first of a block, and i was enthralled by the shards and the multicoloredness, and it was 2headed giant, which i’ve never played before, so i just went for it.

i didn’t even have fun after the first match because i was just too tired and i think i’m bad at magic so it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy and i was making my other head play for me, basically. it was sad. dean put bounties on eudemonia employee’s heads, so people that played us and won got a free drink. which is fine cuz it makes it more fun, but embarrassing when people say “hey judy, how many drinks did you give up?” haha. our first game (against dean and relando) was a draw but only because we ran out of time (we were at like 3 health left when turn 3 ended and in magic, if neither side is dead it’s a draw, unlike in the wow tcg, where at the end of time the hero that has more damage on it loses). then we lost 2 games. then we got a bye. but even so i was the last person to leave the store other than dean because i was staring at my new cards.

i bought one of the newly named “intro packs,” which are just theme decks plus a booster and an introductory flyer, meant to make the game more “accessible” to new players. i bought jund, the red shard (naturally). someone told me red elementals make a showing in shards, but i haven’t seen very much of them. the jund “intro pack” deck has goblins and the odd dragon here and there and things that eat themselves. the keyword for jund is “devour x,” which is… when this creature comes into play, you can devour other creatures you control, and you get x +1/+1 counters for every creature you devour. and there are a bunch of other cards that make little tokens. so it looks like the point of my new preconstructed deck is to make a bunch of weenie tokens, and then devour 2 them all and bust out enormous flying dragon things. haven’t played it at all yet.

anyway i’m miserable and tired now. when i reached my apartment and got off my bike, there was a woman going through the trash can. she straightened up and stared at me for a while, a disconcerting while; i guess she was waiting it out to see if i’d yell at her or chase her away or something. i walked around her and took my bike up the porch and she waddled down the street.

aren’t i grateful that i have a roof over my head? aren’t i grateful that i’m not so scrapped for money that i have to go through other peoples’ trash, in secret, in the dark, looking for cans to drop off for 5 cents each at the recycling station? aren’t i grateful? aren’t i thankful for what i have, for my future, for people that love me? even if i haven’t graduated from college and have wasted my potential, life is still good, right? right?

warhammer online

WAR is here! Yeah, the acronym is WAR, for "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning". Haha.

If any of you play, go on these servers:
Order: Saphery
Destruction: Monolith

I’m on Monolith as a healertypething named Adeline.

Eudemonia has free 7-day trial accounts to give out. I can get a basically unlimited number of them, so TELL ME IF YOU WANT ONE. tzeentch I’m looking at you. In fact, I am begging ALL OF YOU to activate a trial account.

Eudemonia’s running promotions for it too–come in and activate an account, get 1 free hour to play. Once you get a character to level 2 and show us, we’ll give you 4 MORE free hours.

If you can’t come to Eudemonia to play (for free), you’ll have to download the client yourself. http://torrent2.eamythic.com/WarBeta.torrent
Takes a while.

Why should you play WAR?
1. To help Judy get more free trials activated.
2. You can pvp at level 1.
3. You can earn experience by pvping. PvE still exists, of course.
4. Sieges.
5. Lots of classes to choose from. They look like they’ve tried really hard not to pigeonhole healers. All of the descriptions say "with strong damage capability, they will always be at the front of the battle"

Anyway this whole promotion is really important to the game center industry as a whole. iGames was able to get free trials for lan centers, which is really rare for a new MMO, and we’re the only places you’ll see free trials this early for Warhammer Online. EA is going to be tracking the number of activations we get as well as the number of conversions to subscriptions to measure how well marketing at LAN centers work out. It could significantly change the way big publishers look at us. iGames is really srs about it. They’ve been calling centers to say that this is the most important promotion they’ve ever worked on!

So if you’re already buying the game, you should get a free 7-day code from me anyway and activate it first. You get a free 7 days, and I get to boost my conversion percentage =D I already preordered from the ebgames on shattuck. I love them.

I also preordered the Wrath of the Lich King collector’s edition there yesterday.

Also, I bought rock band 2 and drums for Eudemonia’s xbox360.


Agrigola hit the shelves at Eudemonia last Thursday. We were very excited. We had ordered 30 copies because we expect the demand to be very high. Here’s why: it’s already rated 2nd only to the venerable Puerto Rico on boardgamegeek, and up ’til this month it was only available in Germany. Buzz abounds.


As soon as Dean cracked open the boxes and stocked them 3 deep, he demanded we sit down and play. We acquired Jon, Jefferey and Jean (Gene?) and Jeff taught it to us. He says he taught Agricola 5 times that week already.

It is a fun game.

It’s set just after the plague ravaged all the land. You and your spouse have a two-room farmhouse made of wood. (I noticed that on the internet and in general descriptions, it says “you’re a farmer and you have a wife.” When the berkeley board gamers were teaching it to us, though, they said “you start out as a … couple. this is you and your… spouse” … hahaha. I fucking love Berkeley. I honestly could never live anywhere else.) You have this plot of land that’s your very own, and your goal is to make the most efficient farm possible.

Each person has their own little game board to build on, so unlike settlers, it’s not about fighting for territory. The competition part comes into play with the “Actions,” which are the things that you can do during a turn. There aren’t that many Actions on the board, and each “person” on the board can only perform one action, and each Action can only be performed once a turn. So the PLAYERS take turns putting their little farmer-dudes on action cards, claiming them, and then at the end of the round, all the Actions resolve simultaneously. Actions include things like “till the land” (which lets you put a plot onto your farm), “build fences” (which lets you make pastures), “get a cow/sheep/wild boar,” “augment family” (which means make a baby, bow chicka wow wow), “augment house” (build a room onto your house… you can only have a baby when you have room for it in your house)… and so on. There are also Actions that are just “take 3 wood” and such–they’re resource acquisition.

Every 2-3 rounds, there’s a harvest, where you’ve got to come up with enough food to feed your family and your livestock reproduces. You also harvest grain/vegetables from your seeded plots. At the end of 14 rounds, the game ends, and everyone tallies up their scores by counting features of their farms.

Here are the results of my first game:

agricola scoresheet - our first game

Not surprising I came in with pretty much the worst score ever, considering my oft-mentioned lack of aggressiveness and my propensity for playing every game like a sim. I just wanted to build up my nice herd of cows. COWS!!!!! I went for cows and not sheep? What was I thinking? I LOVE sheep.

Of note: this game’s concept is incredibly adorable. Our games come with the basics: there are tiny wooden cubes for the livestock, and tiny round wooden pieces for the resources. If you pre-ordered Agricola directly from the publisher, you got Animeeple–cute wooden pieces cut out in animal shapes instead of plain cubes. That’s not even as far as it goes, though. Jeff showed us a picture of the models his wife made out of Sculpee, and they’re pretty much the cutest thing ever. So naturally I came home and looked up what other people are doing and creating your own Animeeple is the new craze. People on the internet are amazing.

Here is just a sample of the deliciously adorable animeeple on boardgamegeek:




Incredible. When I make my own set, I will do my part as an advocate of marriage equality. Hahahhahahahhahaha.

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quote of the day 2

We just had a talk with Marcus. It is another one that I felt I needed to record. I paraphrase:

There’s a girl in my guild from another country. She’s a girl. You know Kuwait? Is that a thing? Do you know when she goes to bed? 3pm server time. We run things with her to try to get her gear. I help her out sometimes, and then she says things to me like “I like you. I love you.” And I just say “Why.” Cuz of God. I believe in God, in my heart. I believe that God is good. You know how if you do something bad, God will do something bad to you? It says it in the chapter. Which chapter was it? Oh! It was Cain. You know Cain? You know his brother Abraham? You know Abraham right? So when Cain killed him, God banished him. He banished Cain from Earth. [At this point, Tyler interjected: “Cain wasn’t banished from Earth, he was banished from Eden.”] So you know how Cain is a vampire. Some people will make it into a story, and say that it’s all just make-believe. Some people say things like, “D&D is a bad game you’ll go to hell if you play it,” but I don’t listen to those people. I just smile cuz I like playing D&D. Hey Judy. I’m so happy right now. Do you want to know why? [some guy’s character name]’s girlfriend? She’s playing right now! She’s from China!!!! I’M SO HAPPY!

I’m in the back at Eudo with Fritz, Tyler, Kyle, RyanD, and Marcus. They’re doing Kara, except for R, who’s playing DotA. I think Marcus is autistic? I do not know the name of whatever it is he has. He is childlike: he gets a emotional about things in all directions. He plays WoW and we teach him stuff about addons and stuff, and he doesn’t always remember things. Also he really likes talking to people and he’ll stand there and demand your attention (though he will say “excuse me sorry for interrupting I was in Mana Tombs and MY BELT DROPPED THANK YOU JESUS”), so you need to be patient and hear him out; if you ignore him he’ll get angry. But it is interesting to talk to someone on a daily basis that doesn’t like, hold grudges–that takes you always at face value. He reciprocates whatever emotion you present to him. It is refreshing in a way. It is also really frustrating to get through to him. I won’t lie; my patience has limits.

I just worked the counter with LizN from 5-10, cuz it’s spring break and LizB is out of town. Friday evening shifts here are pretty intense, man. I was $4.35 short, which upsets me: I am not perfect. I also covered the counter for Wyll’s half-hour lunch break at like 2. And made a flyer and got them printed. And bought a Black War Elekk ha ha they are so funny-looking ha ha ha I love Elekks. And shoved Polia through the new cat door a bunch of times. “Hiss! Hiss! Oh hi! Who are you? (You’re the lady from the test! What’s that burning smell? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)”



ugh that’s a long link.

it’s a public calendar.

someday i’ll research how to integrate it with our actual store website calendar. http://www.eudemonia.net/calendar.php

checkpoint [Ithr]

A customer bought a computer from us a few months ago and came back this week with this problem: his computer stopped booting up last week. It hangs at this screen:

Alert! Previous attempts to boot up this system have failed at checkpoint [Ithr]. For help in resolving this problem please note this checkpoint & contact Dell Technical Support.

When he brings the computer in, it shows the message really briefly the first time I turn it on, and every other time after that it works just fine.

Googling the problem shows that lots of people have it. Here’s the most comprehensive thread: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/Dell-GX280-ITHR-problem-t45171.html&p=235115#entry235115

It could be anything. Bad USB port. Some incompatible USB device. Some bizarrely incompatible … monitor. Bad power source. Bad power cable. Bad motherboard. Broken internal thermal probes on the CPU. Actually… since the problem only happens at home, I’m betting that it’s some peripheral. I showed them how to change the BIOS settings to “no boot” for USB stuff, and maybe it’ll stop looking for USB things to boot off of /shrug. For now, they’re gonna bring it home again and try it at different outlets and with different devices… they were like “maybe it’s because we’re using a ps2 keyboard with a USB adapter??” … etc. Have any of you had this problem before? It’s really frustrating to not know the answer at all. Well, I mean I think that the problem’s disappearance at Eudemonia must say something, and it must be that it’s not like THE MOTHERBOARD IS FAILING ZOMG.

They’re all playing board games without me. =(