am i awake? what time is it?

on tuesday i slept from 8am to 5pm, and i haven’t slept since save a catnap 15 minutes before rehearsal with angela watching me. i came home from chicken and waffles and talked to ryan and went to sleep in my comfortable bed with newly washed sheets and favorite pajamas AND NOW I’M AWAKE i feel exhausted my throat hurts it feels like someone went in there with steel wool and scraped out the whole place my body’s crumbling it aches but i’m wide, wide, wide awake WHYYYYYYYYY??????????? why am i a vampire???? i’m so tired i just want to sleep why won’t my body let me sleep


  1. Instead of getting up when you wake up, you could try forcing yourself to lie in bed for a normal time period. Then get up. Eventually, you’ll start being tired at the right time.

  2. Are you on cold medication? Nyquil does not make me sleepy. Also sleep is often strongly tied in with emotion. This is actually Elanor. I am too lazy to sign out of Lisa’s account.

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