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blizzcon 2008 notes

this is the really hot girl that trashed me in starcraft 2 twice in a row.

she played zerg. the second game, she toyed with me by letting me run in with my zealots and kill her base, except then i found that she had made two more Hatcheries off to the side and was saving her units to slaughter me and laugh.

this is me with some personalities.

this is jaron, megan, and me. jaron’s the reason the wow tcg has a vibrant community in berkeley. i roomed with them.

i didn’t really get good pictures.

this is what i spent the entire weekend doing:

i participated in three minis competitions. they were all booster sealed events. i opened seven boosters and didn’t get a single epic. the lighting was terrible–too bright in one seat, and way too dark in the next. the poor judges hadn’t played the game yet. i didn’t win any door prizes cuz i’m an unlucky bastard. i played against someone who opened a red bearon loot card in one of his boosters and said “it’s $1500 on ebay. this is paying for my trip.” i was jealous.

i played diablo 3. i played starcraft 2. i watched some of savior vs. nada. savior won this year again. i’ll check out the replays online. i skipped the comedian, video games live, most panels. skipped most of the costume contest. had fun though.

learning to do things alone. i can’t win–if i’m with people who want to do other things that i don’t want to do, or who don’t want to do the things i do, i’m unhappy. so if i do things myself, i get lonely and unhappy, because i’m happier when i’m doing stuff with people that also like that stuff. but then sometimes i meet people that like doing the stuff i’m doing (wow minis) but i DESPISE them because they smell like fucking ass. quandry, then, to either convince quality people to like the stuff i like (difficult. “why would i play other wow-affiliated games? isn’t wow enough?”) or find quality people that like the stuff i like (difficult. gamers are marginalized for a reason. they are disgusting, arrogant, socially awkward, and often extremely unintelligent).

hyperbole is awesome! i’ve met quality people via gaming of course. etc.

there were only two other girls playing wow minis in the tournaments i was in. one of them was one of those white gothloli girls in a lace dress (not dressed up for blizzcon or as any blizzard character… just dressed up cuz i think that’s how she always dresses). interesting to see white people copying japanese people copying white people. she whispered in a lisp and did that thing with her knees, like on the cover of lolita, you know, where you stand kind of with your hip cocked, and your knees are bent, making your ankles go out in different directions, so you look “sa3 gua1” … what is the translation of “sa” in english? stupid? childlike? “innocent/foolish” ? naive? ingenue? i couldn’t stand her. if you’re going to be all alternative and shit then at least be an interesting individual. i heard these players say “the chick across from me opened a varimathras. what the fuck is a chick gonna do with a varimathras?” and all i could do was give them a dirty look. fuck you, girls that are bad at games, you keyboard-turning girls that play only because your boyfriends play, you’re ruining it for all the rest of us. fuck you, people who can’t see girl gamers as humans but only as inferior girls. i even hate that girl whose picture i posted that beat me because i’m jealous of her, because she’s so goddamn skinny and blonde and wears those stupid oversized sunglasses on top of her head but she’s still better at starcraft than me. it’s not fair.

i hate the world. i am racist and sexist and hypocritical and also i exaggerate everything. in a couple of minutes i’ll forget that i’ve posted this and go back to loving every girl that so much as touches a game, and i’ll also remember that i myself am fucking terrible at games and all i do is reinforce the stereotype anyway. whatever.

blizzcon 07

all photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/judytuna/sets/72157601249363930/

everyone in the guild that went:

my guildmates are awesome.

it was great. watching starcraft tournaments is so much fun. i really wanted nalra to win cuz savior’s so full of himself, but alas. really loved the sound and music panel and the concert, oh, the video games live concert, i could have weeped for joy. lady sylvanas!!!!!!!!!!! at some point i’ll post my videos.

played starcraft 2 of course, couldn’t get that into it because we only got 20 minutes. at the panel, they showed us the storyline part of it, which is really rpg-like, an interesting new twist. the gameplay itself is very familiar, of course. wrath of the lich king… FROSTMOURNE HUNGERS!!! …