objective of world pvp: a zone-wide buff


plaguelands (complete with flight paths between towers in the zone), silithus

buff will even hit people inside instances– AQ/strat

i was imagining that the objective to “objective-based pvp” would be something like a graveyard, but i guess a zone-wide buff would make sense. it would motivate more people to do participate… maybe. the reverse argument would be that everyone in the zone (including chinese farmer bots goddamn them to hell) gets a buff for only a few people doing the work (and the people inside the instances are definitely not working on pvp objectives in the zone)… wonder how it’ll work out.

are the test servers up yet? do they have this stuff already?


  1. This is pretty cool. Battlegrounds affecting he rest of the world is kinda what I wanted with constantly winning AB. My idea is that since we keep collecting so much more resources than the other side, we should have better things available at vendors or for cheaper. Soon, the other side can’t buy morning glory dew, only moonberry juice, or things are a lot more expensive because they are low on resources and demand is still high. The problem is with the buffs, you kinda want to guild coordinate, but if your guild is doing AQ, why do you get stuck collecting dust for them?

    It also made it sound like the Silithus one at least is not an instance? It just starts when you pick up some dust and has no ending?

    1. Yah, the Silithus and Plaguelands pvp additions are supposed to promote “world pvp” with objectives, so they are not zoned… the pvp is just supposed to happen all over the zone (or at least at specific hot spots all around the zone I guess).

      I like your idea of stuff like losing in BGs or pvp have some kind of direct consequence, but they could never do that because it’s “negative” so people would bitch to no end. So it makes sense that they’d make the “reward” some kind of buff and not something bigger, like vendors selling stuff for more or less. (In the beta, there used to be three xp-gain states: well-rested, normal, and tired. You’d get an xp bonus per kill if you were well-rested, regular for normal, and an actual xp DECREASE if you were tired. They thought this was a great idea to keep “casual gamers” on par with “losers who can spend 24 hours a day on this game,” but the outcry against the “negative” was so great that they eliminated it.)

      1. ohohoh.. how about to balance the “negative”, if you’re side is losing regularly at bg’s, when you kill npc’s that are the opposing faction, you loot more money, because they’re richer?

        wow.. decrease xp? that’s pretty interesting.

        meh, maybe people just whine too much. Some things shouldn’t be easy on purpose.

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