MUSE: san francisco, april 9, 2007

I don’t know where to start.

I’m an extrovert, a word which here means “one who only finds validation through other people who can understand her emotions,” so I’ve exploded all over forums and communities about the concert, but not in my own livejournal yet.

You can play “Where’s Judy?” with this picture from club six, though it is not alliteratively satisfying:

I’ll edit this post later with an indepth account. For now I just want to say, people went crazy over the video of the little jam Matt did on the kaoss pad. I got all upset because my video editing software messed up the cut and it ends early, so I uploaded a full version, but after the cut-off version already was linked everywhere and had 9 youtube honors. hahahahahaha

My videos:
soldier’s poem:
kaoss jam:
stockholm syndrome:

city of delusion:
plug in baby:
knights of cydonia: (I fought with myself. I wanted a video that was semi-watchable, but … i had to jump. I HAD TO. I advise you close your eyes when the riff kicks in. hahaha.)

Anyway, other people got better videos than I did… better sound quality, less shaky, and you can actually see Matt jumping around like a demented pixie with his ridiculous scarf flouncing about, it’s fucking fantastic
map of the problematique: <–HE SKIPS DURING THE END RIFF HAHAHAHAHHH
take a bow AND hysteria: (good shots of the crowd, too!)
supermassive: <—kill me now, just kill me

The concert was amazing.

more here, and pics with immigrant:


    1. matthew bellamy gyrating maniacally with his ridiculous belt-scarf flouncing about while doing godly things with his guitar = win

      seriously i’ve seen the dancing marching robots in videos and i was even looking forward to them but i totally didn’t see them at all. partly because i was getting to know the people around me and their fleshy as well as not-so-fleshy areas REALLY REALLY well, but mostly because i have eyes only for one small charismatic man who can sing ridiculously high.

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~!1`1`1!1 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

      also you can see the crowd waving like sea kelp.

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