Hacking Health

I’m at the UC Berkeley Hacking Health hackathon! Friday-Saturday. Pitches are at 6pm tonight.

Fritz and I are making an iOS app to help parents log seizures. I would also like it to log all kinds of events: medication (and it’ll alert you when it’s time to take your next one), eating, pooping, sleeping, developmental stories…

Last night, BodyMedia and Mashery were here doing a demo of the BodyMedia API, and giving out devices to developers. They’re offering a prize for a hack that uses the device! It’s hilarious because I just started wearing a BodyMedia device last week and had no idea they’d be here. CONNECTIONS

We’re at the top of the Chase building, which I’ve walked by many, many, many times but have never been in. Gorgeous views all around. There’s a UC Berkeley startup incubator up here, which they tell me is pretty new.

I want to show you all my pictures of our ideation (lol that word) whiteboard, and of the view from the Skydeck, but I need a better way to get photos off my phone and onto WordPress. (Hi maiki, android, and owncloud!) Right now I either email my photos (can only do them individually) which sucks, or I wait for the dropbox import (I have to plug my phone in to my computer and wait, and wait, and wait) … for some reason my iPhone doesn’t show up as a hard drive on either my PC or Mac so I can’t just grab the photos. I could load up PhotoViewer or GrabPhoto or the thing that isn’t iPhoto on my Mac and wait and wait and wait for it to sync, and then scroll all the way to the bottom, and then select the ones I want to import, and then wait for the import, but I use the Dropbox feature because it automatically imports just the ones that haven’t been imported yet without me having to look through it. Garrrr it shouldn’t be this hard

The table next to us is doing a kinect hack! This makes me really happy! There’s also another group I’ve spoken to examining asthma and comorbidity. DATA SYNTHESIS IS EVERYWHERE


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