Hacking Health

I’m at the UC Berkeley Hacking Health hackathon! Friday-Saturday. Pitches are at 6pm tonight. Fritz and I are making an iOS app to help parents log seizures. I would also like it to log all kinds of events: medication (and it’ll alert you when it’s time to take your next one), eating, pooping, sleeping, developmental… Continue reading Hacking Health

“You require more neutrophils”

According to two blood tests in August & September of this year, I have persistent asymptomatic neutropenia. I have an appointment with a hematologist in January of next year. I picked up my referral packet today at NEMS. NEMS got me a referral to SF General Hospital (which is where the hematologist is). NEMS is… Continue reading “You require more neutrophils”


Last Saturday (March 12), I went to hang out with Courtney for his birthday. Part of the day’s activities (after rock band at Elvin’s) included a one-hour visit to the House of Air, a trampoline park at Crissy Field. It’s $14/hr to jump on their trampolines. You have to sign a waiver before entering, and… Continue reading Ankle