dance with me // google glass

Sarah set up her Google Glass yesterday. Here’s one of my favorite ribbon dance moves as seen by other people: And here it is as seen by me: The move that I’m referring to is the sequence that I repeat twice: two circles waving my arms upwards and reaching up while kicking my… Continue reading dance with me // google glass


Last weekend, maiki and susan invited me out with emma clover for a walk to the berkeley marina. Even though I’d lived in Berkeley for like nine years, I hadn’t actually walked all the way there from anywhere inside of Berkeley. I’d always taken the bus or gotten a ride in. There’s a bunch of… Continue reading ribbons

Number stations

I’m creeping myself out listening to this BBC Radio 4 segment on number stations!!!! you are about to enter a very strange world: a world of alleged spooks and spies, of conspiracies and covert operations, of illicit transmissions across the globe to secret agents on undercover operations. or perhaps just a world of fantasies, in… Continue reading Number stations

life has to be worth living

Here’s an nyt article on nostalgia. The experimenters induced nostalgia by playing hit songs from the past for some people and letting them read lyrics to their favorite songs. Afterward, these people were more likely than a control group to say that they felt “loved” and that “life is worth living.” More likely? This means… Continue reading life has to be worth living

Sarah is a Presidential Innovation Fellow!

Look for Sarah‘s bio here, under Open Data Initiatives: Meet the Round 2 Presidential Innovation Fellows! Welcome to our next class of Presidential Innovation Fellows! Amazing innovators, answering the call to serve — Todd Park (@todd_park) June 24, 2013 We’re so excited for her! She’ll be working on the Smithsonian Open Data project, bringing… Continue reading Sarah is a Presidential Innovation Fellow!


I’m home! I’m very very very happy to be back =D My mom and brother drove me back to my sf apartment from the airport. I’m super grateful, since I brought home a bunch of stuff (including a very Dutch bag for my bicycle from Hema!), and my bags were heavy. Stroopwafels have been a… Continue reading Home!

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crunch time

Ally and I ate a lot of falafel on Leidseplein last night at this awesome salad bar, then barhopped all night. I really love this area just south of Leidseplein. And it was an accident–we had found a cheap Best Western here. I’m pretty behind on blogging! The website didn’t take american credit cards,… Continue reading crunch time