Number stations

I’m creeping myself out listening to this BBC Radio 4 segment on number stations!!!!

you are about to enter a very strange world: a world of alleged spooks and spies, of conspiracies and covert operations, of illicit transmissions across the globe to secret agents on undercover operations. or perhaps just a world of fantasies, in the grip of a cold war hangover, imagining it all, just to fulfill their big brotherly paranoia. either way, what i’m about to show you is, at the very least, curious, and possibly very scary indeed.

With an intro like that, how could you possibly NOT stop whatever you’re doing and listen? I haven’t got tons and TONS of hours of listening to radio under my belt, but when I transcribed that opening passage, I realized how different speaking can be from writing. Pauses and sentence fragments.

I kind of love this xD I came across it from the musewiki page on “Isolated System.” ahhhh!!!!!!

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