Rented this at: Amsterdamse Fietswinkel Postjesweg 106bg 1057 EG Amsterdam, Netherlands 020 7371185‎ (and on g+ haha) =D

This library is beautiful

I had a totally uneventful flight (hooray!). I watched Life of Pi (Ang Lee! Also I loved the book when I devoured it, years ago, wrapped in bed and wracked with doubt, adrift in my own sea of turmoil) and then, immediately, Les Mis, which is such a stupid story I could barely stand it.… Continue reading This library is beautiful

Enroute to Amsterdam!

Here I am, in Houston! One day I will sit down and figure out a process of getting pictures from my phone onto Something That Is Convenient For Display On Mah Blaugh and then I will be able to easily post this picture I just took of a bronze statue of George HW Bush in… Continue reading Enroute to Amsterdam!

Women Techmakers at Google I/O – May 15, 2013

Raw notes below! Will edit later! Susan Wojcicki Insights: often one sentence, but it’s very powerful Youtube: user-generated content 1.56 billion dollars – from that little insight, you make a really big decision Near and dear to my heart: ads Insight’s very basic: ads are information. Anna Patterson VP Engineering F15E – like the… Continue reading Women Techmakers at Google I/O – May 15, 2013


Kenton, Jade, Asheesh, maiki, and Sarah all met each other! There was OpenHatch + Railsbridge/Bridge Foundry strategerizing! Jade played fantaisie impromptu and vienna Teng! Two MIT puzzle hunt puzzles by Seth: emscripten nacl native client Sodium chloride ha ha ha Google pushing it The tyranny of somethinglessness Otherwise: on thurs there was a… Continue reading Beowulf!

“Communication in multiplayer gaming: Examining player responses to gender cues”

Researchers at Ohio University conducted a study on reactions to gendered voices in Halo 3. The same recordings (of generic things like “thanks for the game”) were played in the lobby and after matches. via r/girlgamers link to abstract of study: I like that they also compared performance and found that the female… Continue reading “Communication in multiplayer gaming: Examining player responses to gender cues”

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on suicide

Cory Doctorow writes: Because whatever problems Aaron was facing, killing himself didn’t solve them. Whatever problems Aaron was facing, they will go unsolved forever. If he was lonely, he will never again be embraced by his friends. If he was despairing of the fight, he will never again rally his comrades with brilliant strategies and… Continue reading on suicide

the world is small and awesome

The list of blog posts I owe myself includes and is not limited to: guy kawasaki lean startup conf (& the notes i took that are on Blazing Cloud’s blog now) organizing a railsbridge buying an erhu and a cajòn skydiving over xmas break epic music party at our house on nye ouya – blazing… Continue reading the world is small and awesome

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12/1/12 Spot sang

Last week, Spot the Octopus opened for DeCadence on one of their semester concert days. It was fun! We sang four songs — Istanbul (as made popular by tmbg), Monster (an original by Angela), House by the Sea (iron & wine), and La Grippe (squirrel nut zippers). Here is a playlist: =)