kindergarten was a long time ago

Lindsay, Jeff, me, ?, ?, ?
Foreground: the back of Victor’s head, Greg’s lunchbox, and Greg.


    1. Yes. If there is ever a need for me to prove my unsurpassable dorkiness, this is it!!

      Greg was a big ham. You could always rely on him for shenanigans. =) In first grade, the parents organized us for the school talent show. There was Greg, in the center in a little itty bitty suit, lip-syncing “Calendar Girl”, with twelve little girls in party dresses behind him. I was his January. I remember telling his mom, “I can have a big birthday cake on my head, to celebrate the new year’s birthday, Jan 1!” We didn’t put a cake on my head, but I think my dress was white. I would give anything to find that videotape and digitize it.

      After elementary school (well, after like 2nd grade), we didn’t revolve in the same circles anymore, but I have a dear friend who was a good friend of his. He is missed.

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