my livejournal account was getting lonely… so….

due to the apparent withering away of the health of said livejournal, on account of aforementioned livejournal’s owner completely forgetting and abandoning the poor orphan out in the cold, i have decided to post a lost and wandering message which appropriately gives an approximation of my current lost and wandering demeanor. wait what was the… Continue reading my livejournal account was getting lonely… so….

a haiku by hsiao and judy

Peeing Water is wide, and The river will run smoothly; Nature calls me now. Hs1ao (2:42:38 PM): the real challenge is writing a haiku for number 2 Hs1ao (2:42:53 PM): but we wont get into that juddie t u n a (2:43:05 PM): HAHAHAHAHA juddie t u n a (2:43:07 PM): when we’re inthe mood… Continue reading a haiku by hsiao and judy


hey! it’s a song by third eye blind! i found it last year when everybody called me “narcoleptic vampire” and napster was still up. ah, the joy of mp3 piracy. “i try to keep awake i try to keep awake i try to keep awake but i can feel the narcolepsy start (slide?), TO ANOTHER… Continue reading narcolepsy


I WENT SAILING TODAY!!! … i hopped on the 51M bus, rode to berkeley marina, hopped off and met amanda ravi chrisyang leonard, hopped on a sailboat, hopped with happiness inside said sailboat… =) i yahooed sailing cuz rol cindy and i were talking about how much we wanted to go sailing, and after… Continue reading sailing!


inspired by hsiaoee’s faithfully daily entries, i have now decided to try to update this a little more regularly than i have been (which is not regularly at all). whee bs. the truth: JUDY IS PROCRASTINATING!!! whoa what a surprise, judy NEVER does that. judy never refers to herself in the third person either, does… Continue reading Untitled


look! this is my first livejournal entry. how special. i’ve always wanted to stake a claim out there in cyberspace, fence it in nicely and build a cute little house to put my jumbled up thoughts in. maybe i’ll plant some flowers and build myself a swimming pool, get a couple of horses or something.… Continue reading Untitled