thinking about RSA – public key encryption =)

prime numbers that boggle the brain. i love this stuff, it’s so much better than calc or math 54 matrices/linear independence/invertible crap!!!!! aaaghh!!! i like thinking about modulo and number theory and counting… yeah right, this i what i say now, ask me again on friday (that’s when my first midterm is) and see what i say then! ha ha ha!!! *tears out hair, panicked* … is panicked spelled with a k or no.. paniced… that doesn’t look right…

i don’t understand why the two primes are needed to decrypt it yet. this notation in the book is too confusing. so why am i up staring at it? i just ate a bag of skittles, i’m feeling jumpy =)

AIM takes up WAYYYY too much of my time. does anybody know how to make the same person signed onto AIM and ICQ at the same time go into the same query box on trillian? can you please tell me? and then slap me around a bit and make me do my hw.. please.. =)

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